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Cheap and Easy Class Gifts

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You think you’re done with your holiday prep. You’ve baked. You’ve shopped. You’ve even wrapped. You have done the impossible- you’ve finished Christmas a full week ahead of time. You pat yourself on the back for a job well done and prepare yourself for a blissful evening drinking a glass of wine and watching “Love Actually” one more time.

And then you get a sweet little note from your child’s lovely teacher (and I mean that. She is SO wonderful), asking that you send twenty identical wrapped gifts to school the day after tomorrow. And since said teacher is seriously SO wonderful, you decide to oblige her one last request.

I mean, you cry first, of course. But then you get to brainstorming.So, if you’re like us and find yourself with one more twenty more little gifts to buy, might we suggest a few ideas…


  1. Playdough– Either a little can for each child from the Dollar Tree, a mini can from a Playdough Pack, or homemade. You can even add the supplies to turn it into a “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” kit, as seen in this post.Candy Bar Wrapper

2. A Candy Bar, wrapped in a cute little printable, which can be found here. Or get some from Amazon, because EASIER.

912vWnIGENL._SL1500_3. Some crayons and a mini coloring book.


4. A sheet or small box of stickers. We also LOVE these little Gingerbread Make-A-Scene sticker sets.

5. Treat Tickets- Around the big holidays- Christmas, Valentines, Halloween- many fast food places sell packs of coupons for children’s treats. Last year, we bought a 20 pack of Free Slurpee Coupons for $5 from 7 Eleven, and for Halloween we paid $5 for 20 Free Frosty Coupons from Wendy’s. It’s cheap and easy, and a little something different.

6. A printable game, like this character matching game from Itsy Bitsy Fun. For extra longevity, you can print it on magnetic paper before you cut it out, so kids can play on the fridge (or even on the go- these are great to throw into your Activity Bag!


7. A Play Pack- they do sell them in bulk!

8. A little picture frame craft kit or an ornament to take home and decorate. You can find this at the Dollar Tree as well, or purchase in bulk on Amazon.

Easy gift for a class- sidewalk chalk with a holiday shape. Easy and cheap!

9. Sidewalk Chalk– tie a few pieces together with a piece of chalkboard paper cut into a holiday shape (or just cut into squares if you ain’t got time for that. But I  do love my Cricut for just such projects! If you’d rather throw some money at the problem, you can also buy little mini chalkboards here.) This was my pick for this year, and I was able to find individual packs of chalk, 4/$1, at the Dollar Tree. I taped the tree on, wrote a message with a chalkboard pen, and was done in about 10 minutes.

10. Nothing- because let’s be honest, you don’t HAVE to do this! You are a grown-up. You can say no. The kids don’t need more little things.  So if you find yourself with too much list and not enough time, politely decline with a smile and a “I couldn’t fit it in this week,” and move on with your day.


Does your child’s class celebrate the holidays with gifts? What’s your go-to gift idea?

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