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Blowing Bubbles (And Crying About Ham)

I am not what one would call a sentimental person. I don’t often cry at funerals. I don’t cry when I hear about something sad that has happened. I don’t cry when other people are crying. And I CERTAINLY don’t cry at commercials.

Until I did.

The Hubs and I were at a particularly romantic movie on date night (Blade Runner. Total RomCom.). Our dinner had gotten out early, and so we ended up in the theater well before the movie began.  And there was an endless array of stupid commercials.

And then, here came the ham.

I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but a commercial came on where a family was picnicking outside (eating ham sandwiches, because obviously).  There were bubbles and giggles and lots of family time. And then the commercial pans away, and when it comes back- the kids are old. And the Buddig commercial just has to remind me that there won’t always be bubbles (but there will always be ham, naturally).

And I BURST into tears. At Blade Runner. Like, before the movie, with the lights still on.

Earlier that day, I had helped in Lila’s class and watched her cut and glue and talk with a partner. I took her to swim lessons, where she swam on her own for the first time.  When I won at Candyland that evening, she clapped and gave me a high five and did not stomp off in a sobby rage.  I had spent the better part of the day watching Lila get grown up right in front of my eyes, and the damn ham just had to go and remind me that she’s not done yet.

I tried to remind myself that we still have time for bubbles, and trick or treat, and Santa Claus. And that even when the time for all that has passed, we’ll have piano recitals and prom pictures and graduations. And God willing, someday we’ll have a new generation of sweet little babies, and they’ll usher in the return of the bubbles, and I’m sure I’ll be so glad to see them again that it’ll bring on bucketfulls of tears. 

So I sobbed into Michael’s shoulder, and then I dried my tears, and watched the movies, and cried only intermittently throughout the evening. And we spent the weekend blowing so, so many bubbles.

And eating ham, naturally. Freaking Buddig, man.

The days, but the years? They are so, so short. Blow the bubbles, mama.


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3 thoughts on “Blowing Bubbles (And Crying About Ham)”

  1. Omg this is too funny. I am not a crier at all either, but if something does get to me it’s EXACTLY this type of thing. I hate when the media plays with my emotions by reminding me that someday my kids are going to leave me! Don’t even talk to me about the movie Inside Out… had to hide so many tears!

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