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So it’s no news to you that I love Chick Fil A. And, since I consider myself a feminist, I was even more eager to support the new Chick Fil A location when I found out it was owned and operated by a woman. And by support the new location, I mean go there alllllll the time (I mean, it is free after all). I go there so much that the staff now recognizes me, even said lady-owner-operator. My daughter calls her by name, and even talks about her outside of the restaurant.

So when she asked me if Ms. K liked working at Chick Fil A, I just HAD to point out that she was the owner. “She owns the whole place, Lila. She’s the boss. The #GirlBoss!” (I mean, I didn’t SAY the hashtag part out loud, but better believe I thought it.)

And my daughter gave me maybe the biggest eye roll I’ve ever seen.

“You know, girls can be bosses, too. Or boys. So you don’t have to say GIRL boss. You can just say ‘The Boss.'”

Touché, tiny feminist. Touché.

So maybe I shut up now about the “girl” part of girl boss. As happy as it makes me to see women thriving in historically male roles, maybe it’s no longer worth mentioning. Maybe we’re finally in the part where little girls just assume they can be anything they want to be, and then they grow up, and they do it.

So here’s to you, Chick Fil A owner, and to the tiny feminists, too. Can’t wait to see what you can do when you are a #girlboss #theboss.

One four-year-old's take on the term #GirlBoss


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