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Saturday Six

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We’ve been back for a week and somehow we’re STILL exhausted! Here are the six things helping us get back in the groove this week!

Date Night 

Yes, we got to spend a lot of time away from the kids last weekend, but we were also away from our husbands. Which, on the one hand – Yay! – but on the other hand, we do love those guys. So this weekend we are living for date night! Christine and Chad committed to date nights this year by buying season passes to a local theater. Last night was The King and I and dinner alone at a place with fancy tablecloths, craft cocktails, and ordering fancy dessert.

We spent a chunk of dinner making a list of all the date nights we want to do in the future – taking a cooking lesson together, a virtual reality arcade night, one of those paint and drink wine nights, and a tour of some sort of nerdy facility (guess who wants to do that one???) What’s your favorite creative date night?

Easter Baskets are DONE!

Yes, we’re the type of people that finds GREAT joy in getting something like Easter baskets off my plate a month early. This year I did baskets with no candy and all items from the dollar store or the dollar aisle at Target. Then, because my kids are OBSESSED, and you can just buy them on Amazon like a civilized person, everyone’s getting a Fingerling to add to their collection! This time it’s sloths and unicorns and I didn’t have to live outside a Toys R Us for a month!

RHONY is Coming Back!!!

Guys. Guys! GUYS! Have you seen the preview for the upcoming season of Real Housewives of New York??? We proudly embrace being super #basic and loving all our housewives. Which franchise is your favorite?

We Survived the Flu

Christine’s house was hit by the plague. For three weeks someone in the house was sick – and it SUCKED. But this week everyone is happy, healthy and at full energy levels. Which, let’s be real is sort of a blessing and a curse….but overall super thankful that everyone is better.

Having said that, have you noticed a big difference in the sick policy in your house? Because we sure have….


Daylight Saving Time

Don’t forget to adjust your clocks and prepare yourself for all hell to break loose in your house when your kids go wacky because they don’t know what the heck is going on. Knowing that, why in the world would we be excited for the time change? Because for a few days, instead of the kids waking up at 5:30am they’ll “sleep in” until 6:30. It will still suck, but it will feel better, at least for a minute….

Spring Cleaning

Maybe it was three days of living on a boat and not stepping on a single Lego, Barbie shoe, or crayon, but we came home Moms on a MISSION. Black trash bag in hand, we worked our way through the house throwing away ALL THE THINGS. Sure, some of us ended up receiving bags full of hand me downs (thanks Jaymi!) but it was mostly declutter central. And MAN, does it feel good. Anyone else going through a major clear out?

Hope your weekend is filled with stuff that gets you in your groove! And Stay Salty!!!

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  1. Haha totally know what you mean about the flexible sick policy – it also goes both ways for which parent is working on a big deadline and wants to be undisturbed lol…

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