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Saturday Six

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Here are six things we are LOVING on this week.

1. The Holiday Movie Bracket from With Love and a Little Self Deprecation

Not being big on March Madness and the like, we never thought we would take a bracket so seriously. But pitting A Christmas Story versus It’s a Wonderful Life? Oh, it’s ON!

2. The Amazon Echo

Christine is the original Amazon Echo lover, but Jaymi just welcomed home an Alexa of her own this week. The first day? Well, she hated it (so.much.NOISE). But now? She is a treasured member of the family. When Alexa reminded Jaymi to order a slime kit from Lila’s school (even though they promised there would only be ONE fundraiser this year, but also can we please have five dollars for slime), Jaymi realized that Alexa was gonna help her do this parenting thing RIGHT. Or better, anyways.

3. Holiday Drinks from Starbucks

Because we are about as basic as they come. And as sad as we are to see pumpkin spice go, we are THRILLED to welcome back Peppermint Mochas and Caramel Brulees. So go ahead, Starbucks, take all our money. We don’t even care.

4. Online Shopping

Because Jaymi is thisclose to finishing her holiday shopping (and has a Big Fat Check coming her way to prove it…thanks Ebates!), and Christine won’t have to drag her kids to 100 stores to get hers done. How’s your holiday shopping going?

5.  Paper Heart Family’s Busy Mom’s Guide to Elf on the Shelf

You guys. We have been staunch anti-elvers for years (look for a future Facebook Live video on the topic, so make sure you’re following us there, too), but the guide from Paper Heart Family just may have us changing our mind. She makes this thing seem DOABLE, yo.

6. Chick Fil A

Because always. But also, a new Chick Fil A opened near us, and now we get all the benefits we always loved PLUS free chicken (read about how we did that here). And the people there know us by name now, so we’re feeling pretty established in our new location.


Now it’s your turn! Tell us about your favorite things this week in the comment section. We’d love to celebrate them with you!

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Six”

  1. Oh, this is a good round-up! I love the bracket challenge! And I am all about the Caramel Brulees this time of year – I like them better than the PSL. I’ve saved 3 free drinks just for the holiday drinks in my star rewards – and I’m always looking out for the bonus star rewards this time of year!

  2. I am hugely invested in that Christmas movie bracket!!
    And I also DESPISE the Elf! Hate him! Will NOT allow him in my home. But I totally wish I invented him. He’s a goldmine.

    1. Darlene and Salty Mamas, you bracket enthusiasm will not go unnoticed. In cases of ties, I’ll know who to turn to. (In all honesty, I just realized tonight that I had no back up plan for ties… really could have thought this one through more.)

      1. Girl, when I voted tonight, Rudolph and The Santa Clause were literally 50/50 and I gasped LOUDLY. I am in love with your brackets. Please do kid’s Christmas movies next year. And chocolate’s for valentines day and racist Irish things in march and best bunny for easter AND DO EVERYTHING BRACKETS ALL THE TIME OK THANKS.

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