The Salties

Introducing the Salties (Part One)

I know every mom thinks their kids are the coolest, and I’m no exception. Mine are pretty awesome.  I mean, most days anyways. Other days I threaten to throw them both in the trashcan twice before 8 am. But that’s for another post. This post is for introducing you to my two little salties, the little cuties that made me a mama and the reason I drink have so much to say on this blog.


Lila, Age Four- Lila is something.  That little girl started acting up in the womb, pressing her little booty against my tummy and shaking it for all the world to see. We promptly had to change her name from the sweet, demure Caroline we had planned to the takes-on-the-world-and-makes-no-apologies name Lila.  And she has not disappointed. Lila is petite, has this tiny voice, and has an incredible spark. My daughter is smart and fierce, she catches attention everywhere she goes, and is incredibly bossy shows amazing leadership skills. She loves making new friends, and can play with them for hours. She loves fashion and makeup, has five boyfriends at any given time, and loves nothing more than putting on a show for people.  She was born a diva, and she’s still going strong.

Abram, Age Two- Abram is alllllll boy. He loves basketball, cars, and super heroes. Though I never intended to buy him toy guns, he started “Pew-Pewing” people with a wrapping-paper-shotgun around 16 months old, and he received about 1,110 nerf guns for his second birthday. He is quite the charmer, and knows how to shoot you a winning smile after he breaks the TV, or give a sweet kiss and “sorry” after kicking you in the knee.  He is busy but easygoing, and as cuddly as he is strong.  We are constantly laughing at our silly little guy, and giving him a thousand hugs and kisses- when we can catch him, that is.


So those are my two little Salties, but there’s more where that came from. There’ll be a whole other set of Salties to learn about tomorrow! In the meantime, we’d love to hear more about YOUR little Salties. Drop a comment to tell us about your babies below!