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Torrez of the Day

A few weeks ago, in a fit of desperation, I had a rare stroke of genius.

“The kid who cleans up the most blocks gets to be the Torrez of the Day!”

My son, aged one and a half, pretty much did nothing. Because…aged one and a half.

But my Four Year Old? Whoa.

First she started looking at me like I was a crazy person. Like I had just made up something like “Torrez of the Day” on the spot to trick her into cleaning (Which…yes). And then something clicked in her head, and her eyes lit up with that four year old sparkle, and that little lady? She got to CLEANING. Those blocks made their way back into their bin in record time. I pronounced her Torrez of the Day, and she jumped up and down and told everyone she saw that day about her new title.

And so, as any good mother would, I worked that angle. She doesn’t want to finish her peas? Then maybe Abram will be Torrez of the Day. Didn’t feel like getting dressed? Eh, I guess she can try for TOD again tomorrow. She did something so sweet and kind for her brother that it almost brought tears to my eyes? Torrez.Of.The.Day.

Now, this probably only works because my son knows like 40 English words and is not at all offended by being the loser every single day. Or maybe it would be even BETTER if I could get them to compete against each other. I really don’t know. And I for sure don’t know if it would work at your house, but hey, it never hurts to have one more trick up your sleeve.

So next time your kids are driving you bananas, announce a one-day-only contest to see who’s the family member of the day and see what happens. We’d love to hear about your results!

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