Jaymi & Christine are real-life besties who look to find the humor in the chaos of motherhood. We are in the trenches of parenting young children, and are constantly looking for ways to make parenting easier. And if we can’t make it easier? Well, at least we can laugh about it.

Who are you?

Christine- Stay at home mom to Cole (8), Evie (7), and Izzie (5) and Reed (1) Once upon a time I planned huge events and fundraisers and was important to making things happen. Then I took a sharp turn and decided to hone my focus on bringing tiny humans into the world and keeping them alive. It doesn’t always come easily, and it sure as hell didn’t come naturally, but I try to find the humor in everything. Even when it probably isn’t appropriate. Also, sometimes I’m a salty wife to Chad. But he loves me anyway.saltymama christine

Jaymi- Stay at home mom to Lila(6) and Abram (3). In a former life I was a special education teacher, but I traded handling tantrums at work for…well, for handling tantrums at home. I’m a micro-hustling, multi-crafting, self-professed cheapskate with a passion for life’s teeny tiny luxuries and a penchant for keeping things real.saltymama Jaymi

Why so salty?

Because salt is the new snark. Because people everywhere think that just because we became Moms they get to pass judgement on everything from what we feed our kids to how often we bathe them to how we spend our money. Because there’s just too much competition in Motherhood these days. Because sometimes, our kids are jerkfaces. Because our husbands, love them as we do, are engineers and make us crazy some days.

And because embracing the saltiness, weaving it into the fabric of our motherhood and, of course, tossing some on the rim of a margarita glass every now and then, keeps us sane and happy. Because if you’re not embracing it and laughing? You’re fighting it and crying. And where’s the fun and joy in that?

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