What Do I Do If My Rothys Don’t Fit?

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You know we’re OBSESSED with our Rothys. But, unfortunately, whenever we order a new style, there’s a chance we’ll get the sizing wrong. So what do you do if your Rothys don’t fit? Read on to find out!

When we ordered our first pairs of Rothys, we were a nervous wreck trying to get the sizing right. After all, we’d heard Rothys don’t stretch. So what happens if we order wrong?

We checked the sizing guide, read conflicting advice, and then pulled the trigger on our first pair of our favorite flats. 

And...I thought they fit. I really did. So much so that I wore them right away, to my daughter’s girl scout meeting at a dusty ranchhouse.

By the time I got home that night, however, it was apparent-it was close, but my Rothys didn’t fit me. At least not in the way I thought they should.

But now they were covered in dust, and a hot mess. So I had to figure out a way to MAKE them fit, or be out $125.

I’m happy to say, that I did it! I was able to find a way to make my Rothys fit me just right. Read on for all the details on what to do if your Rothys don’t fit right, right out of the box.

rothys by pool; text: what to do if your rothys dont fit

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Do Rothy’s Make Your Feet Stink? How to Clean Rothys the Right Way

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Do your Rothys make your feet stink? Well you’re not alone. But luckily, we know just how to clean Rothys to get rid of foot odor for good. Read on for pro tips from two Rothys-loving mamas on the go.

We’ve been telling you for a long time now how much we love our Rothy’s. We wear them to the park. We wear them to work. We even wear them to Disneyland.

And all that wearing? Well, it creates one little problem.

Sometimes, our Rothy’s make our feet stink. Or maybe our feet make our Rothys stink? Either way, we’ve got an odor problem to deal with.

And YES, we do know that Rothy’s are fully machine washable. Trust us, we use that fact to our advantage. But when regular washing turned out to be not enough to keep our Rothy’s smelling fresh as a daisy, we knew there was something more that we needed to do.

So through trial and error (and a few Amazon clicks), we have found the best way to keep our Rothy’s smelling as fresh as the day we bought them. If you, too, need to figure out how to clean your Rothys and control odor, we’ve got the perfect procedure down to a science.

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Squeeze in Some Self Care (in Less Than 5 Minutes!)

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You know you need to practice some self care, but as a busy mom, where the heck are you going to find the time? It doesn’t all have to be hour long baths and days away from home. Here are some practical ways to squeeze in some self care in less than five minutes.

You’ll hear it from everyone- “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” “Put on your own oxygen mask.” “The best gift you can give your kids is a happy mom.”

But most of the time, all you get from those tropes is a little more guilt. Add “neglecting myself,” to the list of things that keep me up at night, I guess.

We think of self care activities as things that take up large blocks of time, and extravagant ways to take care of ourselves. But let’s face it, as busy moms, we’re not going to be getting those big blocks of time anytime soon.

So we’ve had to get creative. There are lots of quick ways to practice self care. Instead of focusing on getting self care “out of the way,” try to take care of yourself in little (fast!) ways throughout the day instead.

To that end, we’ve compiled this list of ways to fit in self care in less than five minutes. And we’re going to bet there is room in your day to take five little minutes to yourself. (And you might be surprised by what a difference it makes!)

a lavender field with text overlay that says "9 self care ideas in less than 5 minutes"

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5 Creative Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

Life is busy, and while we totally believe in prioritizing date nights, sometimes getting out of the house is just not that easy. Let alone affordable- after paying for a sitter, dinner, and a movie, you could easily be out $200 or more! Just because we’re home doesn’t mean we … Read More

How to Save Money on Rothys (PLUS an Honest Review!)

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Trying to figure out how to save money on Rothys? Need a Rothys coupon that works? An honest review- and a friend code to save you cash!- here at TheSaltyMamas.com.

As busy moms, we need a shoe that can keep up. We’ve tried everything- Toms, Converse, cheap flats Rainbow flip flops- but every shoe we bought would either not work at all, or only last for a couple of months before we had to buy a new pair.

We’d been hearing ALL the hype about Rothys for a long time, but it wasn’t until Christine’s sister got a pair of her own that we finally decided to pull the trigger. She absolutely RAVED about them. The comfort, the compliments, even a chiropractor’s stamp of approval? We decided to stop debating, and start ordering.

And friends? They are SO worth it.

These are the most comfortable, durable, and stylish flats we’ve ever put on. So comfortable, in fact, that we don’t even change out of them to put on our sparkle slippers when we get home (and that’s saying something!)

So you’re on the fence about Rothys, we’re here to tell you- it’s time to get a pair of your own.

But if you find that price tag intimidating, don’t worry- we’ve figured out how to save money on Rothys using a Rothys coupon code that works (every time!).

Are they still going to be expensive? Well, yeah. But they’re also going to be SO worth it.

a purple pair of rothys on grass, with words saying "money saving rothys hacks"

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