Why Are Kids SO Annoying?

kid annoying mom; text: why are kids so annoying

Okay, look, we’ve all been there. Anyone whose spent any amount of time with a kid finds themselves wondering why are kids so annoying? Well, there’s a thousand answers- but here are our favorites.

We love our kids. We promise we do. But come on, we all know it- kids can be REALLY frigging annoying sometimes.

From the everyday- clothes out of the hamper! arguing with their brother! not liking their dinner!- to the extra special- I don’t want to have a belly button! you cut my sandwich wrong! I want to wear my raincoat in 100 degree weather!- there is ALWAYS something about kids that could get really, really annoying.

So if you find yourself wondering why are kids so annoying? Well first, take a deep breath. You aren’t alone.

And then check out this list of reasons kids are so annoying, from two moms who have BEEN THERE.

kid annoying mom; text: why are kids so annoying

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Why Are Toddlers So Annoying?

why are toddlers so annoying?

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