Things I Wish They Told Me About Potty Training

Getting ready to potty train? You’ve probably done your research and maybe even bought a book (or two!) You’re ready to start and you have a solid plan in place. You know every tip, secret and strategy. But there are still things about potty training that no one told you. … Read More

Printable Potty Training Planner for Busy Moms

Ready to start potty training your kids? Make the job a little less daunting with our printable potty training planner for kids. Everything you need to get organized, start training, and STAY motivated, all in one convenient place.


You’ve read the posts. You’ve checked out the strategies. You think you’re ready to start potty training your child.

But now you’ve got to start and, frankly, well…you don’t really know where to start.

Take the guess work out of the toilet training process with our printable potty training planner. With a clear cut path of how to get prepared, track your progress, and incentivize your kids, we’ve got the tools you need to make your potty training journey a success.

Plus, there’s lots of places to record funny moments, laugh at yourselves and your kiddos, and track your survival in cups of coffee (or glasses of wine).

Because we’re still us, and we still treat this motherhood thing with as much laughter as one can muster while cleaning pee off the bathroom floor.

Wondering what exactly a potty training planner is? Check out the main features below!

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The Best Potty Training Books for Kids

kid reading a book on the potty

Looking for the best potty training books for kids? Need some book ideas to help get your little boy or girl interested in toilet training? Check out our favorite board books and picture books about potty training, all in one handy place.

Potty training can be a terrifying thing. The messes, the inconvenience, the strategy involved- the whole thing just screams overwhelm.

And if we’re intimidated by it? Just imagine what our kids are thinking about it.

One of the best ways to potty train a child easily is by getting them on board from the beginning. Build excitement, allow for some bribes incentives, and hype potty training with your kid as much as you possibly can.

As usual, one of our favorite ways to help our kids learn about something new is through the magic of reading.  While we often find ourselves lost for words when trying to explain a new concept to our little people, books seldom fail us

So if you find yourself in a similar position, we have collected an assortment of our favorite potty training books for kids to help get them in the zone. Read on for the very best potty training books Amazon has to offer.

kid reading a book on the potty

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Potty Training Resources

Lost in a sea of tiny toilets? Trying to figure out which portable toilet seat REALLY works? We’ve got you covered with this handy list of resources from moms who have been there (times five!)


Look, everyone loves to have options. But when it comes to potty training supplies, there are just TOO MANY CHOICES. Which potty will actually work best? What is the best portable toilet seat? And what amount of Clorox wipes will see you through this phase of life?

Well, you may have guessed that last one already- it’s approximately one million.

As for the other things, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite potties, step stools, travel accessories, and diaper bag essentials to get you through.

Click through for our favorite finds from Amazon, and check “Get Prepared” off your potty training to-do list today.

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Can Your Child Ditch Night Diapers? Pro Tips for Night Time Toilet Training

sleeping toddler; text overlay; is your child ready to ditch the diapers at night?

Is your child ready to start night time potty training? We’ll show you the readiness signs, and give some clever tips for transitioning to going diaper free at night.

 So you’ve been out of diapers during the daytime for a while, and your kid is on the fast track to a life without potty accidents. But now it’s time for the more daunting part- night time toilet training. So where do you begin?

It’s true that potty training during the daytime is harder in a lot of ways. There’s more chances to use the bathroom- and thus, more chances to miss the opportunity. The potential for embarrassment goes up as your kid ventures out into the world without underwear, and you have to be prepared for a potty accident at any time.

But with night time potty training, there’s potential for something even worse- a late night, sheet-changing, whole-house-awake situation.

If you feel like you’re ready to figure out how to night-time potty train, rest assured- this will happen eventually. But when is the right time to start night time potty training? And how do you get your kid to stop using pull ups at night?

We’ve got all the answers you’re looking for about night time toilet training all in one place for you! Read on for night time potty training tips you can really use.

sleeping toddler; text overlay; is your child ready to ditch the diapers at night?

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