Explore & Learn Activity Packs

Are you looking for ways to engage your kids in meaningful activities?

Do you need new ways to help your child practice their fine motor skills?

Want an all-in-one solution to help kids with language, fine motor skills, and early academics?

Mama, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing Explore & Learn Activity Packs

A Printable Activity for 2-6 Year Old Kids Designed to Practice Crucial School Readiness Skills

What They Are:

  • Printable activity sheets that are ready to use as soon as you download them
  • Easy lesson plans written in Real Mom Language to create meaningful learning experiences
  • Practical, hands-on ways to get your kids the fine motor skills they need (in a way that won’t feel like WORK)
  • Activity plans that work however you need them to. Each activity can be done with small amounts of time (as little as 10 minutes) or up to an hour or two, depending on your schedule.
  • Do an activity sheet a day or one a week- whatever works best for your family.

What You’ll Get:

  • 5 no prep, cut and paste activity pages per pack
  • 10+ activities to supplement each page
  • Endless ways to play and connect with your child.

Our packs have been specially designed by a credentialed elementary school teacher turned Stay at Home Mom. They have been tried and tested across ages and personality types, and have proven successful with each child who has tried them.

These activities are designed to address needs that kindergarten teachers often see. Many modern children struggle with fine motor skills- such as pencil grip, drawing shapes, and using scissors- and these packs will help you address your child’s needs before their skills gaps get wider.

What Developmental Areas Do the Activity Packs Target?

Language: Each sheet comes with key vocabulary, discussion starters, and language prompts to use with your toddlers and preschools to elicit language.

Fine Motor Skills: Every activity includes a printable sheet that your child can use to practice cutting and pasting. Most include a pre-writing skill, such as drawing lines and circles. Tips are included to help your child learn more efficient pencil and crayon grips, as well as emerging scissor skills.

Academics: Go beyond the ABCs with activities that help children develop complex cognitive skills from a young age. Sorting, measuring, colors, shapes, counting, and number sense activities are included with every lesson.

Sensory Play: We’ve got related activities listed to complement each sheet. From sensory bins to playdough play, we’ve got lots of ideas to help support your child’s learning. Messy, non-messy, elaborate and simple- we’ve got it all, so use what you like and leave what you don’t.

Songs and Music to Fit Each Activity: Music is essential to early childhood development. From classics you know to new songs you should learn, we’ve got the perfect songs, rhythms, and rhyming games to go with each theme.

These Activities are Perfect For…

Quiet Time: These activities are perfect to help calm down busy little minds.

Chore or Work Time for Mom: Many children will be able to complete portions of the activity packs on their own- buying you time to do what you need to do.

Big Brother or Sister’s Homework Time: Do your younger children want “homework” too? Give them a fun way to practice their skills alongside big brother or sister.

Transitions: Need something for the kids to do when transitioning from one activity to another? From post nap activities to arriving home from the park, these activities are perfect ways to transition your child back into meaningful play.

Morning Work: Got an early riser? Our packs are perfect to fill up those morning hours for kids ages 2-6.

Stop scrolling Pinterest looking for activities. Start spending more time actually doing activities.