Screen Free Games to Play in Restaurants

Kids over coloring, but still need something to kill time before the food arrives? Want to keep your kids off tablets and phones while you wait? Check out these fun screen free games to play at restaurants! Every Saturday morning, my family picks one of our favorite local restaurants and … Read More

2023 New Year’s Resolutions Printable for Kids

Looking for a fun activity to do with your little ones to start the New Year? Look no further than our 2023 New Year’s Resolution Printable for Kids! Have some great conversations and memorialize where your kids are today with this adorable keepsake. Full disclosure – we’re generally not the … Read More

Fun Ways to Play with a Water Table

fun ways to play with a water table year round

One of our absolutely favorite summer toys for kids is a water table. A water table is perfect for kids of almost any age. But is a water table worth it if you can only use it in the summer? Definitely! Plus, there are some super fun ways to play … Read More