The Best Card Games for Tweens

kids playing games; text: the best card games for tweens

Looking for a fun, low pressure way to connect with your tweens? These card games for tweens are quick, low pressure, and LOTS of fun. They’re a sure way to spend time with your kids that you’ll BOTH enjoy!

As my daughter has gotten older, we’re having to learn new ways to connect with each other. She doesn’t want to play barbies with me anymore (which, honestly, thank goodness, because I was never a fan), but she still wants to spend time with me.

The in-between phase can be hard on everyone, but we all still want the chance to spend time with our kids in fun ways.

Luckily, having older kids brings on a brand new phase- spending time together on activities that we BOTH actually like!

So if you’re looking for quick, meaningful ways to spend time with your older kids (ages 8-12) too, check out this list of the best card games for tweens.

kids playing cards; text: the best card games for tweens

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Hot Chocolate Winter Sensory Bin for Preschoolers

hot chocolate sensory bin; text: winter-themed hot cooca sensory bin

Looking for some warm sensory fun on a cold wintry day? Check out this Hot Chocolate Winter Sensory Bin for Preschoolers (with taste safe options!)

We LOVE all things sensory around here. Not only are there incredible benefits to sensory play for kids, but let’s be honest- sensory bins keep kids occupied for SUCH a long time.

Our kids love sensory bins, but it can be difficult to keep things fresh and exciting. After we exhausted all the holiday fun in our sensory bin, we still had a WHOLE lot of winter left and no more ideas.

So we looked beyond the Christmas, Hannukah, and Snow sensory bins our kids loved so much. Instead, we brought in some warm cocoa themed comfort!

And the best part? Setting up a hot chocolate winter sensory bin for preschoolers was SO easy!

Read on for the full details on how to set up a hot cocoa sensory bin of your own.

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Screen Free Games to Play in Restaurants

Kids over coloring, but still need something to kill time before the food arrives? Want to keep your kids off tablets and phones while you wait? Check out these fun screen free games to play at restaurants! Every Saturday morning, my family picks one of our favorite local restaurants and … Read More

2024 New Year’s Resolutions Printable for Kids

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