Fun Ways to Play with a Water Table

fun ways to play with a water table year round

One of our absolutely favorite summer toys for kids is a water table. A water table is perfect for kids of almost any age. But is a water table worth it if you can only use it in the summer? Definitely! Plus, there are some super fun ways to play … Read More

The Best Chapter Books for 2nd Grade Girls

girl reading; text: best chapter books for second grade girls

Do you have a budding reader on your hand? Whether you have a reluctant reader on your hands or a bookworm who tears through them, these are the best chapter books for 2nd grade girls. My daughter is a GREAT reader. And I don’t say that to brag- she just … Read More

Sugar Cube Igloos for Preschool Polar Animals Theme

sugar cubes shaped into an igloo

Want an polar animals theme activity that incorporates STEAM strategies ? Check out these sugar cube igloos for preschoolers! It’s an arctic animals stem challenge that will get your kids fully engaged in engineering (in a super sweet way!) A Note About Using the Term “Igloo” with Preschoolers The term … Read More

No Prep Sensory Bin Fillers for Kids

dried beans, peas, and rice; text: 10 no prep sensory bin fillers

We know, we know. Sensory bins are SO GOOD for kids. But sometimes getting them set up feels overwhelming. It’s why we created this list of no prep sensory bin fillers for kids, so they’ll get to start playing sooner!  My son is a sensory seeker. That means he wants … Read More