7 Old School Things Kids Should Still Do

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Wondering how raising kids now is different than it was in the past? And want to know what research says about how kids were raised in the “old days?” Check out this list of 7 old school things kids should still do (and a few that they DEFINITELY shouldn’t!) Okay, … Read More

Kids’ Goody Bags (That Don’t Suck)

Kids love goody bags, but moms don’t always love that they’re full of junk. So what are some goody bag ideas that DON’T suck? Check out this list of party bag alternatives from two moms with LOTS of party planning experience. I had everything ready to go for my son’s … Read More

The Best Board Games for Road Trips

happy kids in car; text: best board games for road trips

Got a road trip coming up? Keep your family entertained with these easily transported board games for road trips (most are probably already in your game closet!) We travel with our kids A LOT. Like, multiple 9 hours road trips a year kind of a lot. And our kids have … Read More

The Best Class Valentines for Preschool Boys

Need some fresh, unique ideas for Valentines this year? Check out this list of the best class valentines for preschool boys to hand out! If it’s your first year handing out Valentines at preschool, brace yourself- the Valentines your preschooler will receive might be a little…extra. I’m sure it depends … Read More

Construction Themed Valentines (Free Printable!)

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Want to send a uniqure valentine with your preschool boy this year? Check out these Construction Themed Valentines for preschool boys to give out. Complete with free “I Dig You” printable Valentines! If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that our preschool aged boy is BIG … Read More