10 Toys Kids Will ACTUALLY Play With

Looking for toys your kids will actually play with? Need gift ideas for kids who already have too many toys? Consider adding these toys- which our kids all love and have played with for YEARS!- to your list.

With four sets of grandparents and no shortage of people to love on them, our kids have been RIDICULOUSLY lucky in the toy department.

Every holiday and birthday is filled with lots of gifts and goodies to open. And that is a HUGE blessing, there’s no denying it.

It also makes it a little hard to think of new things to ask for when a holiday or birthday rolls around.

If you also find yourself looking for toys your kids will actually play with, we’ve got a few ideas for you. Here’s a list of toys our kids actually love– and we think yours might just love them, too!

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Family Beach Day Hacks for Moms (No Baby Powder Required!)

toddler on the beach; text: 7 new neach day hacks

Got a family beach day in your future? Don’t head to the seaside unprepared! Check out these beach day hacks for moms (and find some of our favorite beach essentials for toddlers) in this one stop shop for family fun at the beach.

As you might have guessed by our moniker, these Salty Mamas LIVE for days at the beach. As two Southern California moms, we are no strangers to days spent at the beach, bay, and lagoon, and have logged HUNDREDS of hours of experience chasing kids around at the ocean’s edge.

Over the course of the last 7 years of beach days, we have nearly perfected our list of beach day hacks for moms. So pack up your bag with beach essentials for your toddlers, put on your swimsuit, and prepare to totally NAIL your own day at the beach with these handy tips and tricks from two beach bums (and their 6 kids!)

toddler on the beach; text: 7 new neach day hacks

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How to Declutter Toys (Without Tantrums!)

How to Declutter Old Toys - Tips and hacks for getting rid of toys without the tantrums!

Trying to figure out how to declutter toys without your kids losing their ever-loving minds? Check out these rules for decluttering toys to help you figure out how to get rid of toys once and for all (and without the drama!)

I live in a small house. No amount of storage bins, toy chests, or storage are going to change the square footage up in here. And with every holiday, birthday, and “just because” package, this house just gets more and more full of friggin TOYS.

And as much as our kids love their toys (well, some of them anyways), we do not love having every square inch in our homes covered with their things.

So over the years, we’ve developed some rules for decluttering toys (and clothing, and books, etc) that have really helped us cut down on the mess and make picking up rooms SO much easier. 

Getting your kids used to getting rid of their toys is definitely a process, but it doesn’t have to be as painful as it might seem. Here are our very best tips on how to declutter toys, and clever hacks to get your kids excited about purging their toys in the process. 

A set of stackable rings on a tower. Text overlay: How to declutter old toys. Without tantrums!

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Car Sick Kit for Kids (PLUS Ways to Help Prevent It!)

a caddy with supplies, text overlay says "What to include in your car sick kid kit"

Dealing with car sickness in kids can be SO difficult. But you can be more prepared by putting together a car sick kit for kids. Learn everything you need to include in your travel sickness kids (and a few more tips for helping to prevent car sickness in toddler and beyond!) in this helpful post from a mom with two motion sickness prone kids.

Some things in life are just hard. Like distance learning. Or remembering all the ingredients you need from the grocery store. Or trying not to lose your cool when your kids request the same episode of Paw Patrol for the 86th time. 

But almost nothing about motherhood has been as difficult (and as outright icky!) as dealing with car sickness in kids.

I live about 600 miles away from my parents, which is about 200 miles from the airport. Which means it just makes sense to drive rather than fly. But that is MUCH easier said than done when you’ve got two kids who are prone to motion sickness.

At first, their travel sickness would stop us in our tracks. The first few times were a total mess, leaving us with a not-so-clean car and a six hour drive ahead of us.

But over the years, we’ve wised up and figured out exactly what we need to do in order to not only prevent motion sickness in our kids, but deal with the aftermath in case their tummies get too upset when traveling.

And lucky for you, you can benefit from our trial and error while we developed our own car sick kit for kids. We’ve got all the tools you need to get cleaned up and back on the road (without adding tons of time to your trip in the process!)

a caddy with supplies, text overlay says "What to include in your car sick kid kit"

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Postpartum Freezer Meals for a New Mom

pregnant woman cooking; text overlay reads "10 meals to make before your baby is born

Need some fresh ideas for postpartum freezer meals? Check out our pro tips for stocking up freezer for before baby, with tried and tested recipes and an EASY hack to get your freezer full of meals your family will actually eat!

The newborn phase. Such a beautiful time, full of meeting and greeting your new little person, lots of snuggles, and so many firsts together. There are so many beautiful parts to life postpartum.

But let’s be honest- there’s also a WHOLE lot going on in your life. In addition to cuddles and magic, there will also be lots of messes to clean up, lots of physical changes going on, and a whole bunch of new things to learn.

The last thing a new mom should be doing? Worrying about getting dinner on the table every night, too.

If you’re lucky, your friends, family, or church will step up to the plate, bringing meals for you to heat and eat. If you’re less lucky, you might just find yourself on your own getting back to “normal” life sooner than you expected.

No matter what your level of support in the kitchen may be, making some postpartum freezer meals is a great way to prepare for your new life as a mom. And it’s a fantastic place to channel your nesting energy, too. 

So whether you’re stocking up the freezer before baby arrives or looking for tips for making freezer meals for a new mom in your life, we’ve got you covered with these simple, scrumptious, and freezable meals from some of our very favorite food blogging friends. 

pregnant woman cooking; text overlay reads "10 meals to make before your baby is born

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