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Melted Crayon Art: Bookmarks!

Looking for a fun way to use up broken crayons? Check out these melted crayon bookmarks! Using melted crayon shavings and wax paper, kids will love the process (and you'll love the product of this melted crayon shavings art!) Unfortunately, my kids grandparents all live pretty far away from us. Three of the four grandmothers live 9 hours away by car, and one lives a whopping 21 hours away! I ... Read More about Melted Crayon Art: Bookmarks!

Squeeze-Your-Own Lemonade Sensory Bin

Trying to stay cool on a hot summer day? This icy fun activity for kids will keep your kids squeezing, playing, and imagining all afternoon! Check out the directions for this super cheap, easy Lemonade Sensory Bin for kids. My kids LOVE a lemonade stand. They have been begging me to have a lemonade stand for months, but we just haven't been able to do it. So I decided to give the next best ... Read More about Squeeze-Your-Own Lemonade Sensory Bin

Painting With Water Balloons (FREE Ice Cream Template!)

Looking for a fun summer art project for toddlers, preschoolers, or even older kids? Try painting with water balloons, a fun twist on classic fun. Scroll to the end for our FREE ice cream cone templates! There are a few activities we try to do every day during the summer: time outside, water play, and a creative project. This little number takes care of all three! If you're busting out ... Read More about Painting With Water Balloons (FREE Ice Cream Template!)

10 Things That All Toddlers Do

I know they say "every kid is different." And while they're right, there are a few things that all toddlers do (well, almost all anyways). Here are the things that pretty much every toddler has in common, from two moms with 6 kids between them. I mean...toddlers. Am I right? How can something be so cute and so ferocious and SO.DANG.PICKY all at the same time? It almost defies ... Read More about 10 Things That All Toddlers Do

Lavender Sensory Playdough Recipe (Just 2 Ingredients!)

Do your kids love playing with playdough? But maybe you hate making it all the time? If so, this cheap, easy two ingredient playdough recipe is for you. Read on for the full recipe for our lavender sensory playdough recipe! My son is a sensory seeker. He needs a LOT of sensory input every day in order to focus in school, or even at home. If he doesn't get the sensory input he needs, there ... Read More about Lavender Sensory Playdough Recipe (Just 2 Ingredients!)

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