Salty Mamas Holiday Roundup

Want to know why Target is every Mom’s favorite store? Because she can get diapers and coffee and lipstick and deodorant and a birthday present for the party you forgot was this weekend and toilet paper and a necklace to wear to the holiday party and a bottle of wine ALL IN THE SAME PLACE. 

Want to know why we think Moms love the Salty Mamas? Same. Exact. Concept. Crafts. Humor. Tips and Hacks. ALL IN THE SAME PLACE. 

SO, in the spirit of Target and all things Holiday – here’s our one stop shop for everything you need from your Mom Squad to survive the holidays. (Don’t have time to read it all now? Don’t forget to bookmark for later!)

From crafts to gift ideas to something to read while curled up on the couch drinking a hot chocolate (maybe with a dash of Bailey’s) after everyone’s gone to sleep, we’ve got something for you!

Holiday Crafts

Let’s just get the messy stuff out of the way. Holidays mean crafts. We don’t make the rules. The good news is, lots of crafts make great quick gifts for big family gatherings! And crafts keep little hands busy so they’re not messing up your decorations – at least for a few minutes. 

Here are some of our favorite holiday crafts we know your kids will love:

Holiday Humor

Perhaps there is no greater “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry” season than the holidays. In laws are in town. Schedules are impossibly hectic. And you’re almost guaranteed some sort of theme day at school that you won’t find out about until the last minute. Also, it’s cold. 

So if you need a pick me up, head here next: 

Gift Ideas

Ah the invisible labor of being the person in charge of every single gift your family gives for every holiday, every year, until you die. This year, take the load off and just copy what we do! We’ve taken the work out of it for you with these gift ideas for kids, classmates, families – even your neighbors!

Make your list, check it twice, and then use all these gift ideas:

Holiday #Momlife

No one understands the 7th circle of hell the holidays can be like a Mom. You’re trimming the tree and baking the cookies and putting yourself dead last while trying to keep everyone’s Christmas spirit STRONG. It’s too much. But we GET it. Hang in there Mom. And don’t forget that Santa loves you EXTRA. 

And here are posts just for you – because we love you extra too:

We hope this holiday roundup helps you survive the busy season! Wishing you a wonderful end of the year!!