Gifts Ideas for Kids That Have EVERYTHING

Got a hard to-shop-for kiddo on your list? Check out this list of creative gifts for kids who have everything (before you give in and buy them yet another Barbie or Nerf Gun!)

I don’t know about you guys, but we are constantly waging the Battle Against Stuff over here. My kids have all the toys, all the gadgets and gizmos, and so many clothes.

And do you know what they play with most? Rocks and balls and baby dolls, and we’ve got plenty of all of those things already!

But Christmas and birthdays will come around again, and lovely, well-intentioned people will be asking me what the kids want.

So whether you’re a parent, friend, or relative, we know you’re wondering- what’s a creative gift for kids who have everything? Here’s a few of our favorite ideas!

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Creative Gift Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything

It can be REALLY difficult to shop for kids who have too much already. Especially so if you don’t know them super well.

Fortunately, there are lots of creative gift ideas for kids who have everything, whether you know them really well or know them only a little.

A backdrop of m&m candies. Text overlay: Magazine Subscriptions.

Magazine Subscriptions

Kids LOVE getting mail, and magazine subscriptions come at a manageable rate. A friend of ours swears by ZooBooks, Lila loves her Princess Magazine (they have them for Peppa Pig and Disney Junior as well) , and everybody loves Highlights.

We are particularly fond of Highlights, since they have a little something for everyone- Hello for Babies, High 5 for the 2-6 Set, and Highlights for older kids. Consider buying one copy in advance so that you have something to wrap.

Backdrop of assorted M&M's. Text overlay: Craft Kits

Craft Kits

Anything consumable makes a GREAT gift, and craft kits are no exception. They give parents a chance to have a little fun with their children, and are easily done away with after they’ve been used.

I’m partial to Alex Craft Kits, which cater to everyone from the littlest artists to the tween years. There are sets available for older boys as well, so don’t think they can’t get in on the crafting action!

Backdrop of M&M's. Text overlay: Books & Activities


There are so many AMAZING children’s books out there, and what parent would object to a book or two for the Holidays? We’ve got a few lists of books we think your kids will love (and their parents will enjoy reading some of them, too!)

I particularly enjoy pairing a book with a craft kit, such as giving Monster Trouble with a Paper Bag Monster Craft Kit, or perhaps giving The Bot That Scott Built with this kit that allows you to turn a soda can into a robot of your own.

Assorted M&M's. Text overlay: Extracurricular Activities

Extracurriculars, Paired with Tangible Things to Open

My kids LOVE activities- passes to the local bounce house, gymnastics, ballet, swim lessons- and I love nothing more than when people help us to make these things happen.

But a gift certificate for a month of ballet lessons? Not the most exciting thing to open.  So consider giving the cash that will support their interests, alongside a leotard for gymnastics, a new swimsuit, or a water bottle to take along to soccer.

Backdrop of Assorted M&M's. Text overlay: Money

Money, Presented Well

Let’s face it- no one really likes to GIVE money, but pretty much everyone likes to GET money. Even the youngest kids can enjoy a shopping spree, or their parents can help to put this money towards activities they enjoy.

Feeling a little weird about giving a kiddo money? We’ve given our older nieces and nephews cash in these fun ways:

  • Locked in these money mazes
  • Inside of a new wallet
  • In a fun new purse
  • Folded into origami shapes
  • Hidden inside a book or magazine
Assorted M&m's backdrop. Text overlay: Games


We have a large collection of games at our house, but we never mind getting more! We are big fans of Wits and Wagers for the whole family, or check out all the Games for Families available on Amazon.

Families with older kids will enjoy Cranium, and Sneaky Snacky Squirrel is a big hit with the younger set.

Here are more games our kids love:

M&M's backdrop. Text overlay: Science kits

Science Kits

Science gifts are great because they are educational, fun and exciting for kids, and- most importantly- consumable (as in, they don’t take up room in your house forever).

One of my favorite gifts we’ve ever gotten was this Butterfly Garden. We got to have an experience together as a family, my daughter learned something, and once the caterpillars were butterflies, we were able to release them and the gift was finished, taking up no space at all.

Here are some other ideas:


So there you have it- TONS of creative gift ideas for kids who have everything already. Focus on giving something different instead of something more, and you’ll be in good shape (both with the kids and their parents!).

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  1. Omg we LOVE Wits and wagers!! And the ToddlerMonster loves the Hello highlights magazine. She has lived it since she was six months old. It somehow withstands baby drool and chewing. Those baby magazines are awesome!!

  2. These are great ideas! I’m really tired of receiving and giving toys and clothes! I actually wrote a similar post, but with different gift ideas

  3. Love these ideas! I’m so tired of giving and receiving toys. I actually wrote a similar post but with different gift ideas

  4. Pinning this for later! I feel like my children have everything. Every holiday / birthday I tell my hubby that we need a bigger house!

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