What We Wish We’d Gotten For Christmas

At the risk of sounding like HUGE jerks…there’s just a few things we WISH we would have gotten for Christmas. I mean, they are largely impossible, but still… a Salty Mama can dream! 

  1. A Starbucks gift card with about $1,700 on it.
  2. Ten minutes of uninterrupted alone time.
  3. All the toddler snuggles I want, without protest.
  4. A housekeeping service.
  5. 12 pedicure gift certificates.
  6. A refrigerator-safe where I can hide my ice cream and other snacks I don’t want my kids to know about.
  7. A date for my gallbladder surgery.
  8. A get-out-of-volunteering free card.
  9. A clean car.
  10. The ability to freeze time before my four year old turns five.
  11. This mug that keeps coffee hot for hours, so I could stop complaining about my coffee getting cold before I can drink it.
  12. French fries. So many French Fries.
  13. A kid-free weekend.
  14. More Staedtler fineliners, because I lost the purple one and that just won’t do.
  15. A de-cluttered house.
  16. A stereo that refuses to play children’s CDs.
  17. A good night’s sleep.
  18. NOT a birdfeeder.
  19. A new wallet in a color I want but don’t need.
  20. Everything in this Amazon shop.
  21. For a Christmas extension, so we could have a few more days of that Holiday Magic to see us through to next year.


So there it is, our Pipe-Dream-Christmas-Wish-List. What would you add?

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Not to sound ungrateful but...yeah, this stuff would have been better. A satirical list from thesaltymamas.com

7 thoughts on “What We Wish We’d Gotten For Christmas”

  1. A stereo that refuses to play children’s CDs. haha! that’s pretty funny! I cleaned my car the other day for the first time in like a month( ok, 3 years) and I am paying someone to do that next time….in 2021 lol Happy New Year!!!

  2. I NEED a refrigerator safe!! But mostly to keep my toddler from trying to get cheese or yogurt instead of eating her dinner. Every. Time.

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