25 Hilarious Holiday Tweets

The best way to get through the holidays is to laugh at other parents’ misfortune. So we pulled together 25 hilarious holiday tweets to keep you going – and help you remember that we’re all just suffering through until December 26.

Unless your kids are getting toys that make  lots and lots of noise. Then the suffering is never-ending my friend.

So happy holidays to all the Salty Mamas and Papas that do it anyway because we love these little stinkers.

The best way to get through the holidays is to laugh at other parents' misfortune with these hilarious holiday tweets!

And this is why I stick to Lego

Channel the spirit

My plus one

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You can never be too prepared

And the award for best Christmas card goes to:

It’s not weird, it’s unique!

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Multicultural Christmas for the win!

Emily Post Preschool Edition

The REAL Christmas miracle

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At least no one is cousin Eddie?

Say cheese!

It’s not a race….but still.

It’s go time!

Santa’s got nothing on Mom

Sexy meat. No, really.

So close….

Everyone Wins!


Mind. Blown.

I’m just gonna browse for a minute…

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Tis the Season to buy in bulk!

An existential dilemma

Santa Paws

Threat Level: RomCom

Twelve Days of Toddlers

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1 thought on “25 Hilarious Holiday Tweets”

  1. I feel totally pumped for Christmas after reading all of these (…haven’t started my shopping yet, but whatever)! Thanks so much for including me.

    Also, I might have to steal your Netflix timer idea. Because no matter how long my husband and I scroll through Netflix, all roads lead to The Office. Might as well get there in 5 minutes instead of 30, right?

    Happy holidays to my favorite Salty Mamas!

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