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Most Hillarious “My Kid is Crying” Tweets

If you have kids, you are NO stranger to all the crazy reasons that they’ll throw a fit. And yet, no matter how many tantrums you’ve witnessed, you’ll never stop being amazed at the things kids can freak out over. So we scoured Twitter for some of the funniest, craziest, most ludicrous reasons kids cry. Then, we asked our followers – Why did your kids cry?

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Here’s what they told us!


And with that we leave you with this deep thought for your soul:

Now go, your kid is probably crying for no good reason.

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1 thought on “Most Hillarious “My Kid is Crying” Tweets”

  1. My son once cried because he pretended his play kitchen ran out of pretend milk. And he got not-pretend sad about it.

    The baby regularly cries because I won’t let her crawl off the edge of the couch. She also cries when she crawls off the edge of the couch…not that I know that from experience or anything…

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