Tired as a Mother? 7 Reasons Why You’re Exhausted

Parents are tired. It’s a fact of this #momlife that we’re constantly functioning at some stage of tired. It is why “Tired as a Mother” is an expression, and the reason we need so much under-eye concealer.

But did you know that there are in fact seven different types of parent based exhaustion? From the regular old “needs more coffee” to the ULTIMATE exhaustion, there are lots of different ways to be as tired as a mother. 

So which type are you? Read on to see the seven different reasons moms are tired.

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This is a pretty standard base level tired, from which I fear we shall never recover. Yes, you’re tired, but you’re also one steaming cup of coffee away from being moderately sure you’re going to make it through the day. It’s not the greatest place to be, but at least you know what the solution is! 



Tired as a Mother

The most understandable version is the good old, run of the mill, TIRED. This level is marked with sleepiness, yawning, and whining about how little sleep you got last night. Maybe you went to bed a little late, or one of the kids peed the bed in the middle of the night, or you went on a binge of The Great British Bake-Off.

Whatever the case, you didn’t get enough sleep, and you’re hurting a bit. It’s the kind of tired a good night’s sleep could fix, and you make a mental note to go to bed a little earlier this evening.


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Sometimes it all just becomes a LOT. The routine. The laundry and the dishes and the making lunches and is it ever going to end? It’s amazing how tiring a routine can be

This is not so much “tired” as it is “tired of this shit,” or perhaps “sick and tired.” You are feeling burdened, and overworked, and like there’s no end in sight for the tasks you complete on a day to day basis. 



You maybe haven’t slept in days. You could be sleep training, or a kiddo is cutting some teeth. You’d love to sleep through the night and dream of the day you’re not going to be a walking Mombie. Or, at least, you would dream about it if you could sleep long enough to get into a decent REM cycle. 

Nope, this is the kind of chronic tiredness that is hard to shake. It may start in the early stages of infancy, and you may not be able to leave it behind until your kids graduate to middle school. 

Oh, who are we kidding. Middle school is going to cause you to miss PLENTY of sleep.


Emotionally Drained

As Moms, we give and give and give to everyone around us. We kiss boo-boos, we referee arguments, we hold our littles ones when they’re sad and we try our hardest to make it all better. But it leaves us drained. And the whole time we’re holding in our emotions so we can take care of everyone else. For some reason, that holding is as exhausting as running a marathon – and leaves you just as tired. 

So when you need a good cry – and a good sleep – try your hardest to do both.


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Wrecked is the combination of two or more of the other types of tired. Not only are you sleep deprived, but you’re up to your eyeballs in household chores. Or maybe someone is teething and your coffee machine is broken (seriously, mama, get a new one).

Whichever combination you are rocking, it feels pretty darn hard to get out from under. Time to call in for some help- a babysitter, a grandma, or a coffee shop with a  drive through window. Invest a little time for yourself and see if you can get at least one of those tireds taken care of.


Newborn Exhausted

It’s not a competition- but let’s be honest, newborn mamas are the clear winners. Losers? You know what I mean.

If you have a newborn, you probably want to stab anyone that complains about being any of the other levels of tired. And honestly? I’m pretty sure a jury would acquit. Because newborn exhausted is a whole different echelon of exhaustion. 

If you’re one of the other kinds of tired, please make sure not to whine about it to the mother of a newborn. She might punch you. And you might deserve it.


No matter what kind of exhaustion you’re feeling, we hope you find a way to fix it. Whether it’s a good laugh (this post will do it for you), a BIG cup of coffee, or just a few hours of good sleep, we know you can climb out from under this.

And even if you can’t? We know you’re gonna make it. That’s what mamas do- even the exhausted ones.

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