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We’re Christine and Jaymi, two salty mamas with six kids between us. We’re happy to be your virtual mom squad!

With lazy-mom approved kids activities, snarky playdate chatter, and little ways to make your life more fun, we’re here to make your momlife a little sweeter.

Even when you’re feeling salty.

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The best way to get through the holidays is to laugh at other parents' misfortune with these hilarious holiday tweets!
No matter what you do, let's face it- babies are gonna spend some time crying. 9 hilarious truths about babies from TheSaltyMamas.com. #babies #howtomakeababystopcrying #newborn #newborntips #adviceformoms #parentinghumor #momhumor
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Backyard Water Fun Without a Pool (For Every Budget!)

Summer is here and we are looking for all the fun and creative ways to cool down. For our kids, that usually means lots of water play.  Which led us on an epic search for backyard water fun without a pool.

Thankfully, we found a ton of options for every budget. If you want to find the best water toys on a budget, look no further! We’ve got you covered!

Kids’ Goody Bags (That Don’t Suck)

Kids love goody bags, but moms don’t always love that they’re full of junk. So what are some goody bag ideas that DON’T suck? Check out this list of party bag alternatives from two moms with LOTS of party planning experience. I had everything ready to go for my son’s 6th birthday. The party place…

The Best Board Games for Road Trips

Got a road trip coming up? Keep your family entertained with these easily transported board games for road trips (most are probably already in your game closet!) We travel with our kids A LOT. Like, multiple 9 hours road trips a year kind of a lot. And our kids have gotten REALLY good at traveling…

Top 9 Mistakes Made at Amusement Parks

Heading to an amusement park with the kids? You’re probably researching everything you should do to get ready. But you should also be checking all the things you absolutely shouldn’t do at the amusement park with kids. So we’ve pulled together our top 9 mistakes made at amusement parks. You’ve been warned!

We are one of those families that LOVES amusement parks. Living in Southern California, we have our fair share of choices, and we’ve hit them all up. We’ve had annual passes to several of them at different points in time and have made a few observations.

A lot of mistakes are made at amusement parks. Some, by us. Others, we’ve just overheard. But we’re here to bring them all to you, and hopefully save you from making some big mistakes.

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