Guest Room Touches That WIll Make Company Feel Right at Home

It’s that time of year again. And I’m not talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes, or even holiday cheer. Nope- we are rapidly approaching houseguest season.

Before we know it, my too-small house will be filled to the brim with friends and family members hoping to crash with us for a few days. Sometimes they’re just on their way through, and other times, they settle in for a week or two. Either way, we want to make them feel at home.

So if you find yourself with a few extra guests on your hands, we’ve got some tips to help make get your guest room ready for holiday houseguests.

Expecting houseguests this holiday season? We've got tricks to make your guest room extra comfortable. Check out the full list at #guestroom #holidays #christmas #thanksgiving #houseguests #homedecor #guestroomdecor #guestroomideasThis post is sponsored by Mellanni sheets, and may contain affiliate links. You can read more at our legal page. Thank you for supporting The Salty Mamas!

Clean the House

The most dreaded of tasks! There are so many levels of cleanliness, and you may need to head straight to the cleanest version for your guests. Give a little extra attention to their room- I’m looking at you, ceiling fan- as they’ll be spending the most time there.

And if all else fails, just bake some cookies. That’ll pretty much cover you. (Do yourself a favor and click through to that post. Hilarious!)

Ask How Your Houseguests Take Their Coffee

I don’t know about you, but coffee is a BIG DEAL for the Salty Mamas. Jaymi takes it with milk and sugar, and Christine can only drink it with a flavored creamer. Every time we go out of town, the thought of not getting our coffee in the morning makes us both feel a little panicky.

Expecting houseguests this holiday season? We've got tricks to make your guest room extra comfortable. Check out the full list at #guestroom #holidays #christmas #thanksgiving #houseguests #homedecor #guestroomdecor #guestroomideas

Before your guests arrive, shoot them a quick text asking how they take their coffee (or tea!) in the mornings. It’ll give you a chance to stock your fridge with the half and half they need before they get there (and save you a trip to the store).

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Get Your Guest Room Bedding Just Right

Nothing says “welcome to our home” like a freshly made bed. (And let’s face it, no one wants to sleep in sheets that feel like someone else’s). We love these microfiber sheets from Mellanni  and so will your guests!

Mellanni sheets give you that newly-washed-sheets feeling every night, which makes them worth their weight in gold. They are soft but cool and wrinkle resistant, keeping them nice and tight night after night.

And the best part is that at their price point, you can buy a pair for every bed in your house (and in holiday colors, too!). You can even use our code, THESALTYMAMAS to save even more. Fresh, new sheets for everyone!

Provide An Extra Blanket

Our house is almost always polar-bear cold, and we never know what temperature our houseguests like to sleep at. So we make the bed with just a thin blanket and comforter, and fold up an extra blanket at the bottom of the bed.

Freshen Up the Mattress

If you’re going to go to all the trouble to have a nicely made bed, you want to make sure that the mattress is fresh and clean too. Spray it down with this linen spray before you make the bed for a little extra-sweet aroma.

Expecting houseguests this holiday season? We've got tricks to make your guest room extra comfortable. Check out the full list at #guestroom #holidays #christmas #thanksgiving #houseguests #homedecor #guestroomdecor #guestroomideas

Or, if you want to take it to the next level, mix one box of baking soda with 10-20 drops of essential oil in a sifter. Sprinkle the mixture over your mattress and let it sit for an hour before vacuuming it up. This will remove any lingering mustiness from the mattress and give your guests that so-clean smell every time they snuggle into bed for the night.

Think of Their Needs

We are not clock people, so we went YEARS without having a clock in our guest room. Finally, one of our guests mentioned that it drove them crazy not knowing what time it was. It just took a couple clicks and a couple days, and we had a clock up and running in their room.

If you’re looking for a clock for your guest room, we truly have found the perfect one. This dual alarm clock has an adjustable brightness for the display, as well as a nightlight feature. It also has space in the back for a USB charger, so your guests can charge their phones while they sleep.

And I’ll admit- we bought it for the guest room, but loved it so much that we bought two more for our other rooms.

Supply a Luggage Solution

If you’re not able to provide a dresser or drawer for your guests to use, a little luggage rack will work like a charm. Every time I go to my mom’s house, she sets up this little luggage rack for me and it makes a big difference.

Guests can set their suitcase on the rack and can basically live out of their suitcase for the duration of their stay. It keep it off the floor and out of the way, and turns their suitcase into a drawer of its own.

Display Your WiFi Password

If your WiFi password is on the back of your router like ours is, you know what a pain it is to set someone up on the network. With this trick, you’ll set it up once and be done.

You can find a WiFi Password printable display here. Simply edit it to include your information, pop it in a little frame, and set it up where your guests can see.


With just a few of these simple tips and tricks, your guest room will be houseguest ready in no time! What do you do to make your guests feel extra welcome?

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