Top 9 Mistakes Made at Amusement Parks

Heading to an amusement park with the kids? You’re probably researching everything you should do to get ready. But you should also be checking all the things you absolutely shouldn’t do at the amusement park with kids. So we’ve pulled together our top 9 mistakes made at amusement parks. You’ve been warned!

We are one of those families that LOVES amusement parks. Living in Southern California, we have our fair share of choices, and we’ve hit them all up. We’ve had annual passes to several of them at different points in time and have made a few observations.

A lot of mistakes are made at amusement parks. Some, by us. Others, we’ve just overheard. But we’re here to bring them all to you, and hopefully save you from making some big mistakes.

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Tooth Fairy Tips for Parents

First time tooth fairy hacks, including how to make glitter dollars

Got a first time tooth fairy visit coming up? We’ve got the best tooth fairy tips for parents (along with tooth fairy advice to help you avoid future problems!) to help you learn how to be a good tooth fairy for your kids.

First time tooth fairy hacks, including how to make glitter dollars

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Easy, Cheap Neighbor Gift Idea (with 5 Inch Christmas Treat Bag Topper!)!)

christmas treat bags with text overlay: cheap, easy gifts for neighbors

Need a cheap, easy neighbor gift idea (that helps avoid spreading germs around?) Check out this easy neighbor gift idea, and grab your free printable Christmas treat bag topper (sized for standard treat bags!)

This year, Christmas is looing a little different. I mean, first there is the whole stay-home-by-yourself thing, and then there’s the mask thing. But there are some traditions we really want to stay the same this year, and giving small gifts to the neighbors is one of them.

In traditional years, the people in my neighborhood usually bake for each other. Some deliver cookies, others bring their signature peanut butter fudge, and a favorite neighbor of mine brings her A game with bottles of her handmade holiday Sangria (my neighbors > your neighbors).

This year, with additional safety precautions, we had to get a little creative to find a cheap, easy neighbor gift that would help keep our neighbors safe while keeping the Christmas spirit alive.

Read on for an easy, no baked-goods neighbor gift your block is sure to thank you for!

christmas treat bags with text overlay: cheap, easy gifts for neighbors

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How to Get Organized for Distance Learning

How to get organized for distance learning

As many of us prepare for a year of hybrid learning, distance learning, or even – what is happening this year???? – learning, we’re dealing with a lot of unknowns. Personally? We have the kind of anxiety that finds comfort in all the preparation, so we’re figuring out how to get organized for distance learning and making ALL the contingency plans! Check out our list of everything you need to nail distance learning – or at least survive it – this year. 

Smiling preschooler sitting at desk on a laptop. Text overlay: Hot to get organized for distance learning.

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Preschool Lunch Box Packing Tips (+Lunch Ideas!)

make packing school lunches easier

Sometimes, as parents, we make packing lunches for preschool WAY harder than it needs to be. But you don’t have to go over the top to get the job done! Check out our favorite preschool lunch box packing tips to make your life SO much easier.

As stay at home moms, we have been thinking about all the ways our lives would get easier when our kids started school. Running errands alone, having cleaner houses, not being solely responsible for their education- we were SO looking forward to having the pressure taken off of us.

And then we realized- the pressure doesn’t leave us. It just gets different.

Case in point- the pressure to constantly come up with new school lunch ideas for our kids.

Whereas a PB&J and a few carrot sticks on a plate would work at home, we now have to send our kids out into the world with carefully packed lunches that will A. Be swiftly compared to their friends’ lunches and B. determine how good we look to the teachers and supervision staff.

prep ahead school lunches

But mamas, we’ve got to say- all this pressure we’re putting on ourselves? We don’t have to do that. You don’t have to constantly recreate the wheel. You don’t need to be innovative and imaginative every day.

The saying “Fed is Best” doesn’t go away just because your kids are older now.

We have found that the best way to take the pressure off of ourselves is to invest in some tools that make packing lunch boxes WAY easier. Sometimes a few lunch box hacks (and the right containers!) can make all the difference in how your child perceives their lunch- and expands the list of what you’re able to send, too.

So if you find yourself looking for preschool lunch box packing tips, look no further. We’ve got the right tools to help you step up your game (without adding extra pressure to your life).

a preschooler's lunch box; text: lunch packing hacks for busy moms

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