Saving Money on Kids’ Birthday Party Gifts

Are kids’ birthday gifts killing your monthly budget? We’ve got great ideas for saving money on kids’ birthday gifts – without looking like a total cheapskate in the process! Scroll down to read all about how to save money on kids’ birthday gifts.

I don’t know how it works in your circle of friends, but in ours? We are heading full-throttle into what we affectionately call Birthday Season. From now until the end of April, we will likely be attending anywhere from one to four birthday parties every.single.weekend. And my kids LOVE it. But my budget? Yeah, it doesn’t.

How do I tackle all of those Big Birthday Bashes on a Budget? Well, it’s easy. I have a few very creative ideas for saving money on kids’ birthday presents.

Now, no one wants to look like a total cheapskate at a birthday party. The key for how to save money on kids’ birthday presents lies in planning ahead, being prepared, and adding just a touch of creativity to your gift.

So if you also have a billion birthday parties coming your way, try not to stress out- we’ve got some fantastic tips on how to save BIG money on some fabulous birthday gifts.

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Making Time to Be Creative (If You’re Into That Sort of Thing)

It can be so hard to find time to be creative when you're a mom. Here's how to make it work, from #crafting #craftymom

Let’s preface this one by saying- you don’t HAVE to be creative just because you’re a mama. Your parties don’t have to have carefully paper-crafted banners. Your kids’ sandwiches can be sandwich-shaped, your kids water cups don’t have to be personalized with vinyl, you don’t have to make your own home décor, and you CERTAINLY don’t have to sew your daughter thematic skirts for every holiday.

Repeat-you don’t HAVE to.

But some of us? Some of us WANT to.

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Intro to Cheapskating

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Those “Cheap” Summer Movies

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