Micro Hustle Monday: Something to Look Forward To

As Moms our lives can be so. incredibly. repetitive. It’s a never-ending cycle of cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, tantrums, laundry, dishes. When it’s done? Rinse and repeat. Because joke’s on us: It’s NEVER done. And some days you can just get lost in that feeling of the endlessness of it all. And we desperately need to not get lost in that feeling.27484835_10215778792769124_1484461797_o

A few weeks ago, Jaymi and I booked our #Momsquad Booze Cruise, and I think just booking it changed my life. I added a countdown clock on my phone. I put a post-it on my refrigerator. I ordered a couple super cheap dresses for lounging on the lido deck or for dinner with my girls – and without my kids. I dropped little reminders around my life so that when I’m up to my elbows in dish soap I recall that it’s one sink full of dishes closer to sweet, sweet freedom.

The very17156265_10212606702748856_5062987927282653376_n memory of how much last years’ trip recharged me is enough to give me a little boost. And I realized how much having something – anything – to look forward can take some of the monotony our of our lives. It doesn’t have to be something major like a cruise, not even close! Heck, some days, I feel like I can get through anything because I know at 4:30 I’m tossing my kids in the Kids Club at the YMCA for an hour. Other days, I plan a baby swap with a friend (you watch my kid this Friday and next week I’ll watch yours!) and all week I count down to Friday. Because not only is someone else going to watch my kid? But I’m going to go pick up my free-ish stuff from KMart ALONE, and then I’m going to get a pedicure. Because I made an appointment. And I am living for it!

So forget all your kids’ appointments and commitments and commit to yourself. Make an appointment you can enjoy for yourself. Hire a babysitter, arrange a babyswap, or tell your partner that you’re getting out of dodge with a friend. You can book something for tomorrow, next Friday, or three months from now. But put something on your calendar. And when you’re folding another freaking shirt, or changing another diaper, or pouring another glass of milk that they better actually drink this time – stop. Breathe. Check your calendar, and think about the YOU time that you’ve got planned.


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How putting something on your calendar and counting down to it can give your #momlife some major mojo!

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