From an early age, I have always been both a teacher’s pet and an overachiever. I passed all the tests. I got all the awards. I always often came in first.  For years, I’ve eagerly been awaiting my own kids’ turn. I told myself that I wouldn’t be pushy, wouldn’t assume my kid would be the best and the brightest, and was determined to let her go her own way. When the first few award ceremonies went by and Lila didn’t get an award, I tried my best to shrug it off. That’s okay! Everyone can’t get an award, or they would be meaningless!  I mean, she has her moments, but she is fiery and passionate and smart and funny and AWESOME. Her day will come!

And today, when I opened up her homework folder and saw that slip of fancy copy paper, with the hint of a fancy border showing- well, I just knew. Our Her day had finally come.

“Congratulations! Your child has been selected to receive an award. Please join us for a ceremony on Tuesday, as Lila is recognized for… Alertness.”

I’ve never been so proud confused. Alertness? I mean…it’s… I mean it’s better than getting an award for obliviousness but…ALERTNESS?!?

So I did what any parent in their right mind would do, and I told EVERYONE.  With a laugh-crying emoji. Because alertness.

When people started asking what that even means, I did a quick google search. Apparently, it is one of Coach Wooden’s Success Traits.

Pay attention to everything that is going on around you all the time. Listen with your ears and your eyes. Listen with your nose! Your hands. Don’t fall asleep on the job. Always be ‘listening and learning’ and you’ll be heading to success. -Coach John Wooden

“Hey!” I tell myself. “That’s not so bad!! She always has her head in the game!”

I read on.

You have to constantly pay attention to what’s going on around you. Be on the lookout for new paradigms which help you understand changes and take advantage of them.

Wooden talks about being quick to spot weaknesses – in yourself and in your competition. If it’s your own weakness, eradicate it rapidly. If your competition exhibits a weakness, move swiftly to take advantage of it. (Read the full text here)

So yeah. That explains it.

This Tuesday, I will show up for that award ceremony, and watch my daughter accept her award for being nosy and pointing out everyone’s flaws alertness, and I will clap alongside the mothers whose kids are receiving awards for other traits like, “loyalty,” “skill,” and “greatness.” And I’ll be cheering, “way to look alive, Lila! Way to look alive!”

And let’s face it. I’ll probably be (weirdly) proud as hell.

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  1. Three cheers for Awards that will elicit many laughs for years to come ?? Well done little Salty Girl!

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