I’m NOT Dreaming of a White Christmas

Ding, dong, it’s December. And for many people that means snowmen and snowball fights and the dazzling white of the first snow and did I mention snow? But here in sunny Southern California, winter looks a little different. Sure, it’s a brisk 45 degrees out right now as the sun comes up, but I’ve got to dress the kids in light layers at school because it’ll be 70 and sunny when I pick them up at noon. And I’m bringing POPSCICLES to school for my daughter’s birthday. Basically, snow is not on the menu this December. And I’m not even a little salty about it.

But for some people, winter and Christmas and Santa all need snow. So here are some fun and festive ways to spread holiday cheer, without any of the freezing cold white stuff.

  1. Grab some hot chocolate and take a family walk to look at Christmas lights.
  2. Visit Santa. The old guy visits places that don’t have snow too, you know!
  3. Find fake snow! Lots of places that don’t have snow will have special snow days where they bring in the fake stuff. We’ve gone to block parties, public parks and even the aquarium for tiny sled hills!
  4. Light a fire in your fireplace (or, because the weather is nice – in a fire pit in your backyard!) and read Christmas books together.
  5. Go craft CRAZY and make your own Winter Wonderland. Kids feeling bummed they can’t make snowmen? They CAN, just not out of, you know, snow. But try these great crafts to satisfy all your kids snowman needs.
  6. Get cozy on the couch and watch a holiday movie.
  7. Go ice skating! Sure, we don’t have lakes or ponds or even puddles that freeze over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a festive ice rink! Many places even have awesome outdoor rinks that can make you feel like you actually live somewhere cold!
  8. Visit a reindeer! Check if your local zoo has reindeer during the holidays. Plus, with the cooler weather all the animals will be more active.
  9. Take your kids shopping to pick out their own Christmas gifts. Because the season is about SO much more than snow and getting presents!
  10. Bake Christmas cookies. if you choose not to eat them all, consider delivering some to your local fire station, police station, or making little gifts for your neighbors!
  11. If you want to be REALLY brave – do a “Polar Bear Plunge” – I mean, it won’t be as cold as the people that do it for real in places where it’s freezing, but still fun! We like to heat up our Jacuzzi, jump in the pool and then get right in the warm water. Even the kids dig it!
  12. This one’s just for the Mommies and Daddies – tuck those kids in and make hot toddies! Try one of these delicious recipes for a delicious way to get your holiday cheer on.
  13. Decorate a gingerbread house. Or, if you’re like the KoeFoe family, break into teams and decorate TWO for some healthy competition.
  14. Have a pajama playdate. Because there’s nothing cuter than a bunch of kids in their PJs and there’s nothing easier than a bunch of kids snuggled together watching a movie on the couch.
  15. Camp out in the living room by the lights of the Christmas tree. How can you not feel Christmas-y with that nice glow all around you?

What’s your favorite non-snow activity to do in the winter?

caption id=”attachment_4647″ align=”alignnone” width=”735″]#winterbucketlist #christmasbucketlist #winter #momlife #family In sunny Southern California, we don’t get too much of the white stuff, but we can still have a very merry Christmas![/caption]

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  1. this was such a creative post idea – you’ve gained a new follower ๐Ÿ™‚ I love to watch xmas movies with a cup of hot cocoa x

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