Hilarious Halloween Parenting Tweets

You think Halloween is scary? KIDS are scary. So the combination of the two can be downright terrifying. But also hilarious. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in dealing with the terror of the sugar rush. So sit back, relax, and scroll through some hilarious Halloween parenting Tweet roundup!

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Does this place have workman’s comp?


Are you new here?

I can’t cast the first stone here….

Just this once!

Team Sanderson Sisters. Fight me.

Mom, we need to talk.

Total domination

*Chef’s kiss*

I don’t know the rest of these Marvel guys…..


2 More days…2. More. Days.


Now that’s some home economics I can get behind!


Everything you need to know about parenting


Is this a trick? Or a treat?

Goodbye Halloween, Hello CHRISTMAS!

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