What Do I Do If My Rothys Don’t Fit?

You know we’re OBSESSED with our Rothys. But, unfortunately, whenever we order a new style, there’s a chance we’ll get the sizing wrong. So what do you do if your Rothys don’t fit? Read on to find out!

When we ordered our first pairs of Rothys, we were a nervous wreck trying to get the sizing right. After all, we’d heard Rothys don’t stretch. So what happens if we order wrong?

We checked the sizing guide, read conflicting advice, and then pulled the trigger on our first pair of our favorite flats. 

And...I thought they fit. I really did. So much so that I wore them right away, to my daughter’s girl scout meeting at a dusty ranchhouse.

By the time I got home that night, however, it was apparent-it was close, but my Rothys didn’t fit me. At least not in the way I thought they should.

But now they were covered in dust, and a hot mess. So I had to figure out a way to MAKE them fit, or be out $125.

I’m happy to say, that I did it! I was able to find a way to make my Rothys fit me just right. Read on for all the details on what to do if your Rothys don’t fit right, right out of the box.

rothys by pool; text: what to do if your rothys dont fit

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What Do I Do If My Rothys Don’t Fit?

First of all, don’t panic! There are LOTS of things you can try if your Rothys don’t fit perfectly!

black rothys in green grass

We’re putting our tips here in order, from the thing you should try first to your last resort. With any luck, you’ll find a way to make those Rothys fit just right.

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Can I Return My Rothys if They Don’t Fit?

So first things first: If you know your Rothys don’t fit right out of the box, don’t panic. Rothys have an excellent return policy, and will help you make it right. 

You’ll find the nearest “return bar” to you, and bring your unwashed, unworn shoes to a drop off location. You won’t pay for return shipping, and Rothys will help guide you through the process of getting a new pair.

We recommend putting on a pair of no-show socks and wearing your Rothys around the house for a few hours before taking them outside. It will help you make sure you’ve got the right fit, and still allow you to return them if needed.

Will My Rothys Get More Comfortable?

Whether or not your Rothys will get more comfortable over time really depends on how they’re bothering you.

If your Rothys don’t fit- for example, your toes feel squashed or pinched, or if you have soreness on the sides of your feet- you’re better off sending the shoes back right way.

textured side of a rothys shoe

However, you should also note that Rothys have the same rough texture on the inside of the shoes as they do on the outside. It’s possibel that your Rothys may rub you the wrong way (litterally) while you’re getting used to them.

turqouoise round toe rothys flats

If your toes or heels are irritated by the texture of your Rothys, this gets better over time. Your toes will get used to them soon, and your Rothys will feel much more comfortable after that. Consider getting some Moleskin to tide you over until then.

Replacing the Insoles of Your Rothys

If your Rothys are still feeling snug, you might be able to make them more comfortable by replacing the insoles. 

We write about how we love the Odor Eaters Insoles to take care of…welll… odor in our Rothys. But they are also a bit thinner than the insoles the Rothys come with.

rothys with sole removed; ordor eaters insoles in package

By replacing the regular Rothys insole with the thinner Odor Eaters insoles, you can give your feet a little more space. For me, it really made a BIG difference in making my Rothys more comfortable.

If your Rothys are too big, you might also have luck with a thicker insole, or even layering an insole on top of the one your Rothys came with.

Can You Stretch Out Rothys?

This question has a two part answer. The first part? According to the Rothys website, no. Your Rothys will not stretch out after being worn.

white rothys slip ons

But anecdotally? You can stretch them just a little.

Warning: Results May Vary! Try This Next One at Your Own Risk.

I told my mother in law my woes about my too-small, too-expensive shoes, and she got to work stretching out Rothys for me.

First, she grabbed her shoe stretcher, which she purchased on Amazon. She inserted it into the toe of my Rothys flats, making sure it was a snug fit.


Next up, she took a blow dryer (test your heat setting, guys, the last thing we want are melted Rothys) and applied a little heat to the shoe. She spent about 5-10 minutes applying heat to the toe of the shoe.

rothys by a door mat that reads "home sweet home"

It didn’t give me a whole lot of stretch, but it did stretch my Rothys just enough to make a difference. Since my issue was the tops of my toes, it gave me just the wiggle room I needed to make my shoe fit.

Last Resort- How to Resell Rothys

If all of our tricks failed you? Well, we’re super sorry. There’s nothing more disappointing than plunking down a bunch of money on a pair of shoes you can’t wear.

But you still have options! You can gift them to a smaller-footed friend, if you’re feeling generous. But Rothys also hold their resell value really well.

white rothys

You might find that it’s easy to let go of your Rothys, without a huge loss of money. We regularly see Rothys going for $85-$90 on Ebay in good condition, so you might give that a try.

black round toe rothys flats

You can also try selling your Rothys on Facebook Marketplace. We’ve had good luck with marketplace in the past. And while you might not get as much money as you would on Ebay, not having to deal with shipping and all that might make it worth your while.


So if your Rothys aren’t fitting exactly how you expected, we’re sorry. We know from experience what a bummer that can be. But with any luck, our tips on what to do if your Rothys don’t fit will see you through this, and into a pair of better fitting shoes before you know it!

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