13 Things You Had No Idea Your Amazon Echo Could Do

Bet you had NO idea Alexa had this many uses! Find out the best parenting hacks for your Amazon Echo in this post from TheSaltyMamas.com. #alexa #amazonecho #echohacks #alexahacks #parenting #momlife #amazon #kids

Looking to up your Alexa game? We’ve got a collection of the best Alexa hacks for parents that will help you get the very most out of your Amazon Echo. Read on for the best Alexa activities for kids, Alexa skills for parents, and all-around ways to make life with Alexa a little easier (and a LOT more fun).

It’s no secret that we LOVE our Amazon Echos.  Alexa plays a larger role in our lives than we’d care to admit (I mean, she’s basically our coparent).  She’s our kitchen companion, our dance party DJ, and the deliverer of our groceries.

So yeah, you could say we’ve formed an intimate relationship with some AI technology. Welcome, to the future, people. As a result of this relationship, however, we’ve discovered several unique Alexa hacks for parents.

When I first got my Alexa, I was super put off by it.  The volume level in my house increased exponentially. I didn’t really know what to do with it beyond playing music (and they wanted to charge me $5 a month to do it!). To top it off, many people told me I had just given the NSA direct access to my home. Let’s just say, I was kind of regretting my purchase.

But as time went on, I discovered that Alexa had a lot more uses.  She could set timers and reminders for me, so when I found my arms full of toddler, I could still keep myself on track. She played ALL of my favorite songs at a moment’s notice. And her Yo Mama jokes are on POINT.

At this point, I’m spending a LOT of time with Alexa, and I’ve gotten to know her pretty well. And that includes figuring out some AMAZING Alexa hacks for moms.  Read on to discover some of our favorites!

Amazon Echo on a table; Text overlay: All-time best parenting hacks for your amazon echo.

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