Get Better Sleep in 5 Easy Steps

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As a Mom, figuring out how to get better sleep is like the Holy Grail. Elusive, hard to find, and just when you think you’re about to get it – someone pees their bed. Okay, maybe the analogy went a little off the rails there, but you know what I mean. Between our kids’ nightmares, midnight feedings, bed wettings, growing pains and the classic “need to snuggle,” we are fighting an uphill battle. We just end up more tired and more desperate to how to sleep more deeply.

Then I realized that I was not helping the cause with my own bad habits. I thought of all the times I begged for advice on how to get my babies to sleep and came to the conclusion that I didn’t follow any of that advice for me. I had no routine. My sleep space wasn’t ideal. I just wasn’t setting myself up for success. All the things I did to help my baby, I should have been doing for myself as well.

So follow our top tips for how to sleep better at night naturally, and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time. Or at least how we dream our babies will sleep

We're taking some tips from our babies to get the sleep we desperately need! Check out these 5 EASY things you can do to get better sleep from The Salty Mamas! #howtogetbettersleep #sleep #Ineedsleep #sleepingtips #sleepinghacks #goodnight #beds #insomnia #bedtime #fallingasleep

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