How to Talk to Your Spouse About Work

Communication in marriage is SO important. But what if your spouse won’t stop talking about work? We’ve got some amazing tips on how to talk to your spouse about work (even when you don’t really understand what they do for a living).

I am a smart girl. That’s just a fact. My school counselor once called the six year old version of me, “severely gifted,” which if I’m being honest, I thought was a little rude. Over the years, the rest of my class caught up with me, and I’m sure I’m mildly gifted at best these days- but I’m just saying, I’m not dumb.

But when I’m talking about work with my husband? Daaaang, but it can sure make me FEEL dumb.

My husband is a Chemical Engineer, and specializes in Process Development. I barely know what that means, let alone when he actually tries to describe one of the processes he’s developing (is that even the right way to say it? I have no idea).

But I do know that he works a lot. I know that his drop is high-pressure. And I wanted to find a way to encourage my husband when work is stressful and when he’s overwhelmed at work. I wanted to be a true partner to him, even in this area that I don’t totally understand.

So I decided to take on the daunting task- to learn how to actually talk to my husband about what he does. (Shudders.) Here’s my tips for how to talk to your spouse about work- even when their job is not the kind of career you understand the ins and outs of.

Stumped about how to talk to your spouse about a job you don't understand? Five easy tips from #relationshipgoals #wifelife #marriedlife

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