More Than Washing Shoes- The Best Tricks to Make Old Shoes New Again

Trying to clean up your kids' shoes? If you've got hand-me-downs- or just dirty shoes!- check out this tutorial to get them looking brand new again, from

Trying to figure out how to clean hand me down shoes? We’ve got the best advice for how to clean used shoes (AND how to make them look new again!), to help your kids show off their style on a budget. 

I don’t know about you all, but this mama is on a BUDGET.  My kids do get the occasional new pair of shoes, and I buy new uniforms for school (only if I can’t find a hand-me-down version). But more often than not, my kids are sporting hand-me-down shoes or clothes I purchased at a consignment shop.

But even though my kids are rocking someone else’s outgrown duds, I don’t want them to LOOK like a dud. And washing shoes in a washing machine can feel like a pretty big risk! So over the years, I’ve found lots of ways to keep their clothes looking fresh, right down to their kicks.

Through some trial and error, I’ve finally found out how to clean used shoes, from Converse to Skechers light up shoes. It’s a bit of a process, but MAN does it make a big difference.

A pair of shoes show dirty first and then clean.; Text overlay: Giving new life to old shoes

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