How To Be a Better Mom in 10 Easy Steps

a mom looking for signs that she's a good mom

Momguilt has become a hallmark of modern motherhood. But if you’re wondering how to know if you’re a good mom- and how to be a better mom- we want you to know, in no uncertain terms- you.are.enough.

First of all, let us be clear- YOU ROCK ALREADY.  Your kids don’t care whether you made homemade brownies for the bake sale or whether you spent 1,110 hours creating cut-out dinosaurs on the Cricut for their birthday party.  You keep your kids fed. You keep your kids safe. You kiss them and hug them and love them and sometimes they eat candy and sometimes they eat kale and THAT IS ENOUGH.

So if you’re asking yourself how to be a better mom, lady, we’ve got news for you- you are the best mom your kids could ever have. Period.

We asked a lot of amazing mommies just like you to tell us about the mothers in their lives- their mamas, their friends, their kids’ aunties and the random mommies they pass in Target who are keeping their cool while their child goes feral.

And we were so, so happy to see that it isn’t always the BIG things that are the signs of a good mom. It’s the little things, done sweetly (or even begrudgingly!), on a regular basis that shows your kids that you are there for them.  And if your kids don’t notice it? Well, WE notice it, and odds are, the other people in your life do, too.

So keep on keeping on, Mama. Stop wondering how to be a better mom, and start embracing the kind of mom you already are. You are doing an AMAZING job. Here are ten ways that you are probably rocking this #momlife without even knowing it. a mom looking for signs that she's a good mom

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