One Year Blood Draw Show Anemia? Here’s How You Can Help

iron rich smoothie; fruit basket

Did your child’s one year blood draw show anemia? You’re not alone- and you’re NOT a bad parent. It just happens. And, luckily, there are plenty of ways to increase your child’s iron intake and get those numbers back on track in no time. 

At Lila’s routine one-year-old blood work, we got the news that she was anemic.  She refused to eat any meat, baby cereal, eggs, or bread, so I can’t exactly say I was surprised with the results, but I was still very overwhelmed and unsure what to do next.

I took a beat to freak out (my baby! something is wrong with her blood! and now she’s ANEMIC!) and then I did my research. There are supplements your child can take, but you also need to address your baby’s nutrition. You’re going to have to find a way to add more iron-rich foods to your toddler’s diet.

Unfortunately, if your kid is anything like mine, they got themselves into this situation in the first place by being too dang picky to actually eat the iron-rich foods you’ve supplied. So how do you get a baby to get enough iron when they HATE all the iron-containing foods?

If you find yourself asking the same question, please don’t let your child’s blood test results scare you. There are lots of simple, easy ways to add more iron to your baby’s diet. Check out our tips below to get your child’s iron levels up to par in no time!

doctor with toddler; text: is your toddler anemic? how an iron rich diet can help

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