Where to Find Valentines (at the Last Minute!)

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Need to figure out where to find Valentines last minute? If Target is out of Valentine’s, try this list of off-the-beaten-path places that still have Valentines, along with other no-stress ways to get the job done! We’ve all been there- we make plans to get Valentine’s early. We say we’ll … Read More

Cheap and Easy Class Gifts

class gift ideas for students, preschool gift ideas

Need some cheap and easy class gift ideas for students? Whether you’re looking for kindergarten or preschool class gifts, we’ve got you covered with these fun (and simple!) ideas.

You think you’re done with your holiday prep. You’ve baked. You’ve shopped. You’ve even wrapped. You have done the impossible- you’ve finished Christmas a full week ahead of time. You pat yourself on the back for a job well done and prepare yourself for a blissful evening drinking a glass of wine and watching “Love Actually” one more time.

And then you get a sweet little note from your child’s lovely teacher (and I mean that. She is SO wonderful), asking that you send twenty identical kindergarten class gifts to school the day after tomorrow. And since said teacher is seriously SO wonderful, you decide to oblige her one last request.

I mean, you cry first, of course. But then you get to brainstorming.

So, if you’re like us and find yourself with one more twenty little preschool class gifts to buy, might we suggest a few ideas for class gifts for students…

A bundle of cinnamon stick a pinecone and a pair of scissors next to felt. Text overlay: The best cheap and easy class gifts.

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