How to Set Up a Lemonade Stand (With FREE Lemonade Stand Checklist!)

Thinking of trying the classic lemonade stand with your kids this year? Here is a complete guide on how to set up a lemonade stand, including a FREE printable lemonade stand checklist for kids, to help you get started!

Lila turned five this year, and suddenly she has decided she’s an adult.  She wants to be independent, and do things by herself, and even make her own money.  We’re working on chores on how to handle money, but she wanted more (both responsibility AND money).  So when came up with the idea to start her first lemonade stand, I decided to help her figure out how to set up a lemonade stand the right way..

Setting up a lemonade stand was a summer staple when I was a kid. A few neighborhood friends and I would haul a card table and pitchers of lemonade up the hill and set up shop. Sometimes we’d get creative, and sell friendship bracelets and painted rocks, too.

But most of all I remember laughing with friends, chatting with our neighbors, and stealing glasses of our icy cold lemonade in between customers. That is exactly the kind of childhood I want for my daughter, and I couldn’t wait to help her figure out how to set up a lemonade stand of her own.

Smiling child stirring Lemonade; Text overlay: rock your first lemonade stand

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