Celebrate YOU With These Amazon Baby Registry Hacks

I know this is not a popular thing to say- but when I was having my first baby, I felt a little left out. Yes, I was getting a lot of attention- cue the unwanted belly rubs and the great debate over the name we had chosen- but people weren’t really concerned about me.  Even trying to get my Amazon baby registry in order was a constant reminder that from here on out, it was going to be all about the baby, all the time.  And frankly, I was a little jealous.

I remember the first time ­I tried to create a baby registry.  I walked the halls of Target with my older sister (and baby nephew!) trying to find all the things on the baby registry checklist and weed out the baby registry items you don’t really need.

I was overwhelmed by all the recommendations, from booger-sucking-devices to nipple cream. When what I really wanted? Lots of Diet Coke. And coffee. And a pretty nursing cover that I wanted but probably wouldn’t need. My sister laughed it off, but I am here to tell you- I registered for the damn Diet Coke.

Which is exactly what my best friend rolled up with when she came to meet the baby. Because she’s my best friend, and she knew that a unique baby shower gift- like a case of Diet Coke!- was the key to my heart.

So as you troll the aisles of Target, weird scanner-gun-thingy in hand, we’d like to give you a few reminders. First, do everyone a favor and create a registry on Amazon, too.  That way everyone, from your Grandma in Portland to your Aunt in Law in Minnesota, can ship you a unique baby shower gift without the added stress of shipping fees.

And secondly, remember that YOU are having a baby. Your role in this cannot be understated. Things will be changing for you, too- mostly for the better!- but it wouldn’t hurt to sneak a few items for yourself on to your registry.

Celebrating yourself could easily be one of the best Amazon baby registry hacks of all time. Below, a list of items we humbly suggest you add to your Amazon Mama Baby Registry.

When creating your Amazon baby registry, don't forget to include items for yourself! FInd out what to include at #babyregistry #babyregistrychecklist #amazonbabyregistry

When creating your Amazon baby registry, don't forget to include items for yourself! FInd out what to include at #babyregistry #babyregistrychecklist #amazonbabyregistry
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A No-Spill Tumbler

We are obsessed with Contigo’s Autoseal Travel Mug. We have used it, we have loved it, and we can promise that it does NOT in fact spill.  You will be spending a lot of time navigating the world one-handed (as the other hand will be nestling a small baby. Eeek!), and this cup will help ensure that your hot (or even cold) liquids won’t make it onto your baby’s sweet, soft skin. As a bonus, you don’t have to waste a drop of your precious coffee.

Baby Registry Essentials for MAMA

Diet Coke/Coffee/Wine

I once attended a wedding that had craft beer on their registry, as well as the Avengers DVD. Guess what my husband INSISTED that we buy them for a wedding gift?

Pick your drink of choice, and stick it on your Amazon baby registry. You never know who will be in the mood to treat you to a beverage, and who might get a laugh out of the fact that you put it out into the universe.

Pretty Teething Necklaces

When Abe was a model, we weren’t supposed to bring a lot of toys and things with us to auditions. So before we headed off to a casting call, I’d slip on one of these adorable teething necklaces.

I felt put-together but also practical, and got tons of compliments on them from all the other mothers.  They’re nearly impossible to break, and feel good on itchy little gums.

And let’s face it, they take the mommy uniform of leggings and slouchy tees up a notch. It makes for an amazing, unique baby shower gift that celebrates not only baby, but the BabyMama, too.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts for Moms

A Balboa Baby Nursing Cover

We are firm supporters of a mother’s right to feed their baby in any way that works for them.  But in our experience, we always felt a little more comfortable nursing in public using a cover.

This Balboa Baby Nursing Cover is pretty, spacious, and comes with a curved wire opening at the neck so you can peek down at your little one to make sure they’re latching correctly. The bottom is also curved, which means it tends to hug your body instead of flipping up, minimizing the amount of nip-slips you might encounter.

As a bonus, it comes with a little pocket on front, which is perfect for discreetly housing a nipple shield, should you need one (which, clearly, we did).

The Best Nursing Cover to Include in Your Amazon Baby Registry

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Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads

If you do attempt nursing, odds are that tthere might be some discomfort in the beginning. We hope it doesn’t happen that way for you, but in case it does, we got a LOT of relief from these Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads.

You can store them in the fridge, and apply them to sore nipples after feeding sessions.  It might sound weird, but trust us on this- these things WORK.

(As a bonus, adding them to your Amazon Baby Registry means you can reorder them whenever you need to, without having to send your husband to the store to ask where to find those “cold nipple thingies.” Not that that’s ever happened to us, of course.)

A Baby Book You’ll Actually Use

When Cole was a baby, Christine loved a Line a Day Baby Book like this one. It was a simple way to record the day-to-day without facing the pressure of completing an entire book (and let’s face it, you can back-log a few dates if you need to).

Jaymi used these Baby Memory calendars with both of her kids. About once a week she’d bring it out and record the week’s happenings. It was a low maintenance way to record all of the kids’ firsts without having to do anything in paragraph form (or that required any illustrating. Because NO.)

Must Haves for Mama that you can't forget to include on your Amazon Baby Registry

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Cute Nursing Tank

You can also use our Amazon baby registry hacks to get yourself a new wardrobe! If  you’re planning to breastfeed, you’re going to need the goods to be readily available pretty much all of the time.

We love these super-cute nursing tanks (note the fun racer back and flowy bottoms!) to wear around the house. Pair them with a cardigan (this is seriously the best cardigan ever, in case you were wondering), and you are ready to head out in style.

We recommend getting at least 4-5 nursing tanks or tops, since you might need frequent changes, and you’re not going to want to do any more laundry than you absolutely have to.

Must Haves for Mama for Your Amazon Baby Registry

A Yeti Coffee Mug

You’ve heard the chorus of complaints from moms everywhere- “I just want to drink my coffee while it’s still hot!” Yeti has heard our cries of distress, and has answered with this coffee mug. It promises to keep your coffee warm for hours, and is even dishwasher safe. So do yourself a favor, and just pour your coffee straight into this mug. You’ll be glad you did.

Must Haves for Mama to Include on Your Amazon Baby Registry

Off-Amazon Items

One of my favorite things about creating an Amazon Baby Registry is that you can register for things that aren’t even on Amazon. So if you’ve been debating this fabulous Milkology breastfeeding class or a super cute robe from Motherhood Maternity, you can register for those items, too.


So Mamas, add a few items for yourself with these Amazon Baby Registry hacks without shame.  You will be undergoing physical and lifestyle changes, and it won’t hurt to request some things that will make your life a little easier, too.

Plus, if you open an Amazon Baby Registry, you’ll get a completion discount of 15%- so even if no one else wants to get you a case of Diet Coke and a Yeti Tumbler, you’ll get the chance to treat yo’self.  Trust us- you deserve it!

Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

When creating your Amazon baby registry, don't forget to include items for yourself! FInd out what to include at #babyregistry #babyregistrychecklist #amazonbabyregistry
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