How to Prepare for Elementary School (As a Parent!)

mom and daughter going to school; text: preparing for elementary school as a first time parent

Sending your children off to elementary school for the first time? Don’t panic- we’ve got the tips you need to help you learn how to prepare for elementary school as a parent to make the start of the school year go as smoothly as possible.

The first day of school is always daunting, no matter how old your kids are. But that FIRST first day of elementary school? Well, that’s a whole other level of stress.

It can be incredibly hard to send your children to elementary school for the first time. There are so many things to buy, prep, and get ready for.

Luckily, we have a LOT of experience in that department. As a Transitional Kindergarten teacher (and mom of two elementary students!) I know exactly what it takes to get through the first weeks of school with as little chaos as possible.

Let’s get started, and I’ll walk you through the whole process of how to prepare for elementary school as a parent.

mom and daughter walking to school; text: preparing for elementary school as a first time parent

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20 of the Most Real Back to School Tweets

Hilarious and real back to school tweets from Moms and Dads who GET IT! #backtoschool #firstdayofschool #twitterroundup #tweetroundup #mommyhumor #momhumor #traditions #kindergarten #preschool #firstdayofschool2018 #firstdayofpreschool #firstdayofpreschool2018 #firstdayofkindergarten #firstdayofkindergarten2018 #backtoschool2018

The kids are going back to school, and we’re having all the feelings about it. But at least we can take to Twitter to know that we are not alone. Check out these sometimes hilarious, sometimes kicks you in the feels, but always keepin’ it real, back to school tweets. … Read More

A Teacher Gift You Should Start on NOW

No matter where you are in the school year, I’m sure the pressure is on. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day to day that you forget to prep for the big events ahead.  End of year teacher gifts are FAR off of our radar. We are miles away from Teacher Appreciation Week (which, WHOA. Could we possibly make that a bigger deal? I don’t think so.) The last days of school? Please. Let’s just get through Back to School Night first, am I right?

My teacher has a voice like a buffalo

Except on the first day of school last year, when I asked Lila how her first day of school was, she said “I need three popsicles. And a nap.” The second day, she said, “When Mrs. D gets mad, she sounds like a buffalo. It’s AWESOME!” I made a mental note to tell her teacher about it, but frankly, there just isn’t that much time to touch base every day. And let’s be honest. My memory ain’t so good these days.

Looking for a printable teacher gift with WOW factor? You've come to the right place! Get your FREE printable teacher gift at #teachergift #printableteachergift #kidsschoolquotes #schoolquotes #kidsquotes

I spent many years as a teacher, and I’m sure my students must have come home with some whoppers about me. Hearing Lila’s version of events made me think about all the funny/silly/sweet things my students must have told their parents about me and my classroom. I desperately wished I could have heard what those things were. (I mean, the nice things, of course. I’m not a glutton for punishment. I don’t want to hear about how the kid said I’m a monster, obviously.)

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