5 Steps to Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party

Planning a kid's birthday party is no joke. Luckily there are five easy - and hysterical - steps to nailing any party! Check them out from The Salty Mamas! #partyplanning #kidsbirthday #kidsbirthdayparty #5thbirthdayparty #4thbirthdayparty #3rdbirthdayparty #2ndbirthdayparty #1stbirthdayparty #firstbirthday #kidpartytheme #kidsbirthdaytheme #kidspartyplanning #howtoplanaparty #whatshouldIhaveatmykidsparty #partyplanninghelp #partyplanningideas #partyplanninginfulleffect #partyplanningmama

Wondering how to plan a kid’s birthday party? Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? We’ve all been there! But as a Mom of 5 kids, I’ve had plenty of practice. I have absolutely nailed it, and I have absolutely butchered it (like the year I planned a whole party and forgot to invite anyone). Through it all, I figured out the essential 5 steps to planning the perfect party. You’re welcome. 

Sunday is my son’s 5th birthday party, and as I sit here completely and totally ready taking a short break from the final scramble, I can’t help but reflect on the journey it took to get to this point.

I’m literally an event planner by trade, so I had it in my head that I was cut out for this whole party planning thing. I mean, if I can organize 5K fundraising walks for thousands of people and galas that need to raise a million dollars, then surely I can successfully execute one kid’s party right?


All the moody volunteer committees couldn’t prepare me for dealing with one opinionated 4 year old. The requests – nay demands – like real live unicorns – are out of this world.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here are the 5 steps you must follow to have a successful birthday party!

Planning a kid's birthday party is no joke. Luckily there are five easy - and hysterical - steps to nailing any party! Check them out from The Salty Mamas! #partyplanning #kidsbirthday #kidsbirthdayparty #momlife #momhumor #momlifehumor #5thbirthdayparty #4thbirthdayparty #3rdbirthdayparty #2ndbirthdayparty #1stbirthdayparty #firstbirthday #kidpartytheme #kidsbirthdaytheme #kidspartyplanning #howtoplanaparty #whatshouldIhaveatmykidsparty #partyplanninghelp #partyplanningideas #partyplanninginfulleffect #partyplanningmama

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Saving Money on Kids’ Birthday Party Gifts

Are kids’ birthday gifts killing your monthly budget? We’ve got great ideas for saving money on kids’ birthday gifts – without looking like a total cheapskate in the process! Scroll down to read all about how to save money on kids’ birthday gifts.

I don’t know how it works in your circle of friends, but in ours? We are heading full-throttle into what we affectionately call Birthday Season. From now until the end of April, we will likely be attending anywhere from one to four birthday parties every.single.weekend. And my kids LOVE it. But my budget? Yeah, it doesn’t.

How do I tackle all of those Big Birthday Bashes on a Budget? Well, it’s easy. I have a few very creative ideas for saving money on kids’ birthday presents.

Now, no one wants to look like a total cheapskate at a birthday party. The key for how to save money on kids’ birthday presents lies in planning ahead, being prepared, and adding just a touch of creativity to your gift.

So if you also have a billion birthday parties coming your way, try not to stress out- we’ve got some fantastic tips on saving money on birthday gifts for kids.

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The December Birthday

#birthdayparty #birthday #decemberbirthday #christmasbaby #partyplanning

When we planned on having our first two kids rather close together, I didn’t take a minute to do some light math and calculate that we ran the risk of a December baby. So I think I made the ultrasound tech a bit nervous when she estimated my due date as December 18th and I looked “what have I done” levels horrified. YES, I was excited but OMG do you know how busy I am in late December?

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Come on….Are Goodie Bags Really Necessary for Kids’ Parties?

#birthdayparty #kidsbirthday #kidsparty #goodiebags #partyfavors #kidspartyfavors

Kids parties have become major events. What used to be a pizza and pinata in the park now is now a huge affair with a theme, full decor, activities and goodie bags. Pulling inspiration from Pinterest, Moms have thrown some amazing parties. Which honestly, leaves me wondering, “is all this necessary?” And more specificially, “Are Goodie Bags really Necessary for Kids’ Parties?”

After much consideration, here’s where we land on the hot topic of Goodie Bags for kids parties.

I.Hate. Goodie Bags.

There I said it.

Controversial? Sure. But true. SO FREAKING TRUE. I just want them gone. But as I stare at an ominous October calendar that has a giant star on October 8, my youngest daughter’s first birthday party, I start to waver in my conviction. Because as much as I don’t want to make them, I know there will be kids that expect them. Hell, there will be parents that expect them.

I’ve given into the Goodie Bag monster before. At my sons second birthday I made little canvas bags, complete with each child’s name on them. A dinosaur themed event, each kid got “fossil dig” brushes – each with painstakingly Cricut-ed labels – and of course, the homemade salt dough fossils to go with them. There were bubble wants and homemade crayons in the shape of dinosaurs. And I’m not gonna lie, it was ADORABLE. But looking back, Good God was it a lot of work!


By the time I got to my second child’s first birthday party at the end of December, each kid got one coloring calendar. Because easy.

Three days away from the seventh birthday party in my resume, and I’m ready to throw in the towel and say eff it. I’m afraid I’m not going to get my dream of saying goodbye to the goodie bags, so here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for putting the GOOD back in Goodie Bag!

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