Picture Books Adults Will Love As Much as Their Kids Do

Looking for some books to read to your children that DON'T drive you crazy? Start with this list from thesaltymamas.com #childrensbooks #picturebooks

It’s the end of a long day, and you are one story away from watching Real Housewives in your PJs with a glass can of wine. You anxiously await your kids’ book decision.

Will it be the borderline unbearable “5 Minute Stories” book that contains stories WAY longer than 5 minutes? Will it be the one of the worst children’s books ever written? Or will it be a book you actually LIKE?

You may not get to choose the book every night, but you can stack the deck in your favor by purchasing more books that are fun for YOU to read.  Here’s a list of picture books adults will love as much as their kids do.

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