The Best Card Games for Tweens

kids playing games; text: the best card games for tweens

Looking for a fun, low pressure way to connect with your tweens? These card games for tweens are quick, low pressure, and LOTS of fun. They’re a sure way to spend time with your kids that you’ll BOTH enjoy!

As my daughter has gotten older, we’re having to learn new ways to connect with each other. She doesn’t want to play barbies with me anymore (which, honestly, thank goodness, because I was never a fan), but she still wants to spend time with me.

The in-between phase can be hard on everyone, but we all still want the chance to spend time with our kids in fun ways.

Luckily, having older kids brings on a brand new phase- spending time together on activities that we BOTH actually like!

So if you’re looking for quick, meaningful ways to spend time with your older kids (ages 8-12) too, check out this list of the best card games for tweens.

kids playing cards; text: the best card games for tweens

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6 Games I Hate Playing with My Kids

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Not a fan of pretend play? Or maybe board games aren’t your thing? You’re not alone. Here are six games I hate playing with my kid (and yes, I’m still a good mom).

Make no mistake: We love our kids. We do. No matter what you read in the rest of this post, hold tight to that solid truth.

But there is another truth, that is just as true: there are games I hate playing with my kids.

In no particular order, here are the worst kids games (pretend play, board games, and more) that we wouldn’t mind never ever ever not once having to play ever again.

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