Walk Your Way to Cash: How to Make Money with Step Bet

Looking for a new way to get healthy- and make some extra cash? We’ve got the scoop on how to make money with StepBet. And if you’re wondering, “does step bet work?” Well, the answer may just surprise you.

Let’s face it. Working out is on the back burner in my life. I mean, yes, I YMCA for the free childcare and in theory when I drop them off I head straight upstairs and hop on the treadmill where I WORK IT for a full hour. But sometimes I just.need.to.sit. And read. Or bujo. Or BE without three kids climbing all over each other, refereeing fights, and doing the Mom thing.

But relaxing doesn’t help me fit into my old jeans.

Unfortunately, not fitting into my old jeans hasn’t proved to be enough of a motivator. However, I have learned, in my new fiscally-conservative role as a SAHM that money is a BIG motivator for me.

Enter: Step Bet- the app that will pay you to workout.

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Intro to Cheapskating

Looking for ways to stretch your budget and bring in extra money? Trying to figure out how to make it on one income? You're not alone. Read how two mamas are making it work, at thesaltymamas.com. #oneincome #budget #savemoney #stayathomemom

Looking for ways to stretch your budget? You are not alone. Learn from two mamas who have been there- and found a way to make it work!- from thesaltymamas.com.