Hot Chocolate Winter Sensory Bin for Preschoolers

hot chocolate sensory bin; text: winter-themed hot cooca sensory bin

Looking for some warm sensory fun on a cold wintry day? Check out this Hot Chocolate Winter Sensory Bin for Preschoolers (with taste safe options!)

We LOVE all things sensory around here. Not only are there incredible benefits to sensory play for kids, but let’s be honest- sensory bins keep kids occupied for SUCH a long time.

Our kids love sensory bins, but it can be difficult to keep things fresh and exciting. After we exhausted all the holiday fun in our sensory bin, we still had a WHOLE lot of winter left and no more ideas.

So we looked beyond the Christmas, Hannukah, and Snow sensory bins our kids loved so much. Instead, we brought in some warm cocoa themed comfort!

And the best part? Setting up a hot chocolate winter sensory bin for preschoolers was SO easy!

Read on for the full details on how to set up a hot cocoa sensory bin of your own.

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Puffy Paint Snowman Art

Do you wanna build a snowman? Us too! One teensy little problem though- we live near Los Angeles, and snow is in short supply. So when my kids requested that we build a snowman without snow, I quickly put some supplies together to bring them this snowman art for kids to scratch the itch with some snowman painting.

My kids and I love doing process art projects together (well, let’s be honest- I love setting up the project, and then drinking coffee in peace while they do said art project. Potato, Potahto.) I love the basics, but sometimes they get a little bored of doing the same projects over and over. So I try to keep it fresh by adding in some seasonal art prompts and materials, depending on the month we are in.

In this winter themed art project for kids, your children will use Shaving Cream Puffy Paint to create a snowman (or, if they’re younger, a snow scene). They’ll add some simple decorations to their creations, and, if you’re lucky, repeat the process to take up even more time. As a bonus, you’ll end up with some adorable little works of art in the process. Read on for the full instructions on this sweet snowman art for kids.

shaving cream snowman paint; text overlay: puffy paint snowmen

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Snowflake Salt Painting- A Winter Themed Project You’ll LOVE

Create snowflakes with this winter process art project featuring Raised Salt Painting. With simple materials and great results, this snowflake art project will be one kids want to repeat again and again. Get the instructions at #snowflake #snowflakeart #winter #wintercrafts #winterart #snowtheme #preschoolsnowtheme #preschoolwintertheme #processart #processartforkids #kidsart

My daughter is OBSESSED with Raised Salt Painting. With a little glue, salt, and watercolor paint, kids can turn an ordinary piece of paper into a three-dimensional work of art. So when she asked to create a winter raised salt painting, I knew just what to do.

We decided to create snowflake salt paintings┬áin a size that’s just-right to become an ornament on our Christmas tree. It’s simple, fun, and- once laminated- takes on a snowglobe-like quality that your kids are going to love.

My daughter is a bit of a perfectionist. She is super hesitant to attempt art projects she thinks won’t work “right.” It’s a delicate balance between teaching her to take risks and allowing her to create something she’ll be happy with. So sometimes I ask her to wing it, but other times (like this time!) I created a printable snowflake template for her to use.

If your child is less fearful of art activities, feel free to give them less structure. Ask them to create their own snowflake designs, or even to just experiment with different shapes and colors. Either way, your kids are going to get the incredible art, fine motor, and sensory experience that this winter themed raised salt painting provides.

Toddler using glue to trace snowflakes on a sheet of paper with glue. Text overlay: Raised salt snow flakes, a hands-on art project for kids.

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