Easter Egg Salt Dough Ornaments

Looking for a fun, festive Easter craft that you and your kids will love? Try Easter Egg Salt Dough Ornaments! This very easy Easter craft is perfect for kids of all ages, and will create a wonderful memento of the holiday. 

My kids love a craft, so we’re often drawing, cutting, gluing, and creating. But sometimes they ask for the big guns: paint. While we love process art as much as the next Mom, today we needed a BIG project with a lot of structure and limited resources. And the PERFECT project with limited resources is salt dough ornaments.

My kids love salt dough painting because it’s an all day event with lots of steps. I love it, because despite all those steps, it’s insanely easy. Like so easy my 3, 5 and 6 year olds can handle basically every step.

Since it’s spring, and Easter is around the corner, today is about Easter ornaments. But the other great thing about salt dough ornaments is your only limited by your cookie cutter collection or shapes you can make with a knife – and your imagination! Spring flowers, hearts, suns, leaves – the possibilities are endless!

Four brightly colored egg shaped ornaments. Text overlay: How to make Easter egg salt dough ornaments. with only 2 ingredients.

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