Hot Chocolate Winter Sensory Bin for Preschoolers

hot chocolate sensory bin; text: winter-themed hot cooca sensory bin

Looking for some warm sensory fun on a cold wintry day? Check out this Hot Chocolate Winter Sensory Bin for Preschoolers (with taste safe options!)

We LOVE all things sensory around here. Not only are there incredible benefits to sensory play for kids, but let’s be honest- sensory bins keep kids occupied for SUCH a long time.

Our kids love sensory bins, but it can be difficult to keep things fresh and exciting. After we exhausted all the holiday fun in our sensory bin, we still had a WHOLE lot of winter left and no more ideas.

So we looked beyond the Christmas, Hannukah, and Snow sensory bins our kids loved so much. Instead, we brought in some warm cocoa themed comfort!

And the best part? Setting up a hot chocolate winter sensory bin for preschoolers was SO easy!

Read on for the full details on how to set up a hot cocoa sensory bin of your own.

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Want to Be a Cool #BoyMom? Try This Toddler Boys’ Craft!

Want to convince your toddler that art can be fun? Try this toddler boys’ art project guaranteed to get your little guy (or gal) engaged, learning, and having fun with our muddy truck process art for kids. 

Because I am both a lazy mom and a former preschool art teacher, I make a point to do process-based art projects for toddlers at least a few times a week. I just can’t with a ton of prep, so keeping the materials simple is the way to go for us. And I want my kids to express themselves, but let’s be honest- I’d really love to have some cute crafts for toddlers to hang on my fridge, too.

So imagine my dismay when Abe took the beautiful colors I presented him during a free-painting session and mixed them all into a muddy brown. But that muddy paint got me thinking, and I quickly set up this toddler boys’ art project that even my rough and tumble little guy loved. 

Add to it some toddler sensory play, and you have yourself an hour full of fun toddler activities without much prep at all. And you’ll check a few items off of your Toddler Daily To-Do List while you’re at it!

This project has three parts to it, but you could easily choose one or two to focus on and it would still be a hit.  First, you’ll let your toddler mix colors. Then you’ll engage in some hands-on painting with unconventional materials. Finally, you’ll finish up with some soapy, sudsy fun. Read on for the full details!toddler boy painting with monster trucks/toy cars; Text overlay: Monster truck process art

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