The Best Class Valentines for Preschool Boys

Need some fresh, unique ideas for Valentines this year? Check out this list of the best class valentines for preschool boys to hand out!

If it’s your first year handing out Valentines at preschool, brace yourself- the Valentines your preschooler will receive might be a little…extra.

I’m sure it depends on where you live, what kind of school your kiddo is at, etc. But I was woefully unprepared for the types of Valentines we got at my son’s first preschool Valentine’s party.

Before we get any further, I want you to know- sending just a little card is fine. Grabbing the box with candies attached and signing your kids’ name to them is PLENTY.

But if you’re in the market for something a little different, that’s okay too. Check out this full list of the very best class valentines for preschool boys to give out.

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No Prep Valentines Ideas for Preschool Boys

Let’s put this category right here up top- it is TOTALLY OKAY to go the no prep valentines route. Print something off the internet, grab a box of candy at the grocery store, snag something off of Amazon- all the options are good options.

Here are some of our best no prep Valentine Ideas for Preschool Boys.

“Zoo You Want to Be My Valentine?”

It doesn’t get easier than this print-and-tape Valentine for preschool boys (and the girls will love it too!)

Grab some Zoo animals from Amazon or the Dollar Tree, get some cute washi tape, and print up some cards!

Get full instructions (and those cute printables!) at Jinxy Kids.

Printable Science Valentines

I love how low prep (AND kid-directed) these printable science themed Valentines are.

Text: Science Valentines for Kids printable valentine bookmarks.
Picture: The 8 valentines

Print a set, and let your kids color them. It’s a great way to get them involved in the effort of creating cards for their own class.

Add a little candy or tiny magnifying glass and you’ll be all set!

“I’m Blown Away By You, Valentine”

Print these cute little Valentine’s and tape on a mini tube of bubbles for an oh-so-easy Valentine.

diy valentines

Even better? Tearing the tape and writing names on the cards make for EXCELLENT fine motor skills practice for kids!

Low Prep Valentines for Preschool Boys to Hand Out

Okay, so maybe you want something a little more than your standard box of Valentines. More power to you!

These Valentine ideas are on the lower prep side, and shouldn’t take a whole lot of crafting on your part to pull off.

Kid Made Scribble Monster Bookmarks

I just LOVE how kid-directed these preschool valentines are. If your kids are into them, these are going to get made so very quickly.

Kids will use basic art materials like crayons, markers, googly eyes, and ribbon scraps to create adorable little monster bookmarks for their classmates.

Kids will love making these Cute Monster Bookmarks and even handing them out as Valentines | Monster Valentines | Valentines for boys | handmade Valentines | handmade bookmarks | Scribble Monsters | Process Art for Kids | Monster Craft | Valentines for Kids | Bookmarks for Kids | Printable Valentines | Kids Crafts | Crafts for Book Lovers

And the best part? Grandparents would love these too, so pop one into an envelope and send it their way!

Printable Emoji Sticker Valentines

With cute (FREE!) printables and one Amazon purchase, consider your Valentines for preschool to be DONE!

Emoji Sticker Valentines with Free Printable

A little double sided table will secure these emoji stickers to your Valentines, allowing your son’s friends to enjoy the stickers once the party’s over.

EYE Like You” Printable Preschool Valentines

Your preschool boy will LOVE these Valentines for his friends! It’s just got just the right amount of yucky boy factor (and is mercifully sugar free!)

Eye Like You Free Printable

Print the cards and assemble them by attaching eyeball erasers to the card with double sided tape. Easy peasy- you’re done!

“You’re A Cutie” Sugar Free Preschool Valentine

Looking for a healthy preschool Valentine for your son to pass out? Check out these adorable “You’re a Cutie” printable Valentine cards.

printable valentines

They’re pretty low effort as far as preschool Valentines go, and parents will thank you for skipping the candy.

“You Rock” Pop Rocks Valentines

Your son is going to think these preschool Valentines are SO COOL. And luckily, they’re really not much effort!

It starts by staging a quick photo of your son, and getting prints made (I get mine done at Walgreens). When you’re done, tape a pouch of pop rocks on the back and you’re done!

“Sip, Sip, Hooray!” Preschool Valentines

Snatch up a box or two of Capri Suns, and you’re already almost done with your unique Valentines for preschool!

Classroom Valentine Cards Your Kids Will Love

Cute printable tags are easily tied onto Capri Sun pouches for a super original (and not too difficult!) Valentine’s Day treat.

Crazy Straw Valentines

These crazy straw Valentine’s make for such a unique valentine idea for preschoolers. Grab a pack of crazy straws, and then you’re seriously almost done.

Crazy Straw Valentine - Free Printable - pin for post

Punch some holes in the free printable, thread the straw through, and boom- your Valentines are ready to go!

Unique Valentines Ideas for Preschool Boys

If you have more time to commit to this, there are TONS of adorable ideas for preschool boy Valentines to give out.

Your kids’ classmates are sure to love these ones, and we bet your son will be the only one who brought one like this!

Check out these super unique valentine ideas for preschool boys.

Construction Themed Valentines (Free Printable!)

Your preschooler will FLIP over these construction themed Valentines for their friends!

Grab some bags, some easy filler, and mini construction trucks, then staple the free printable on top.

It’s an easy (and DEFINITELY!) crowd-pleasing valentine idea for preschool boys.

Let’s “Play-dough Together” Preschool Valentines

Make your own playdough, or grab a pack on Amazon to complete these sweet little preschool Valentines.

"Let's Play-dough together Valentine" Super cute Playdough mason jar valentines gift idea for kids

My favorite part? You get to decide how much effort you want to put in– and your kids will love them just as much either way!

Printable Coloring Valentines (With Crayons!)

I love that these little Valentines come with both the Valentine card AND something for the friends to color.

Crayon Valentines

Pair them with a box of crayons, and you’ve got a unique preschool Valentine idea that the kids can actually use!

Printable Race Car Valentines

Oh, your son is just going to LOVE these. These cards have fun little tire tracks, so they’re already extra fun.

FREE Printable Race Car Valentine's Day Cards! | Where The Smiles Have Been #ValentinesDay #Valentine #ValentineCard #ValentinesDayCard #freeprintable #FreeValentine #RaceCarValentine #SchoolValentine

And once you tape a little race car to them? Forget about it. Your preschooler is going to win Valentine’s Day.

Sunglasses Valentines (with Free Printable!)

The sunglasses are a slightly bigger investment, but your son would LOVE handing out these sunglasses Valentines.

FREE Sunglasses Valentine's Day Cards - Printable & Cut File!

Grab a pack of sunglasses and the free printable, and assemble. Your son is going to be the star of the class with this one!

Western Theme Valentines

Do you have a little cowboy at home? Check out these easy Western themed Valentines!

With a little fabric, some candy, and the free printable, you can consider Valentine’s Day in the bag.

DIY Friendship Rocks

I just CAN’T with how cute these little friendship rocks are. If your kiddo has a small class (or just LOVES painting rocks!) this is the one for you.

"Our Friendship Rocks" - what more is there to say? Gorgeous Fringerprint Heart Rocks for Valentines. The perfect Classroom Valentines Gift to make with kids #Valentines #Classroom #rocks #rockpainting

Your child will create painted rocks for their classmates. They make perfect eco-friendly little Valentines (and kids are OBSESSED with rocks anyways!)

If you’re going for unique preschool Valentines for boys, we are certain you can find something on this list that’ll knock your little guys’ socks off.

And if all else fails, a quick Target run will solve your problem for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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